Maui is Loving Life Post Surgery

Maui the dog. For the Love of AlexMaui is a puppy who was adopted from a rescue organization in May by a college student named Kourtney. Kourtney was smitten with Maui from the moment they met and was planning on getting him pet insurance in the coming weeks. The rambunctious pup was full of energy and life, when suddenly he fell very ill.

A Specialist is Needed

Kourtney ran him to the local vet hospital where he received treatment to stabilize him and was sent off to the University of Penn Veterinary Hospital for emergency surgery for a portosystemic shunt. With her boyfriend driving the car, Kourtney called For the Love of Alex from the car in total shock. “We were looking into pet insurance but didn’t get that far. I don’t know what to do. He’s just a puppy. We used our care credit to get him stabilized.” We took on her case and felt confident that it was going to be a major, but relatively common procedure, and wished Kourtney and Maui luck.

Worse than we Thought

Unfortunately, tests showed that Maui’s illness was much graver than a shunt. He was born with a rare birth defect that caused countless vascular abnormalities. He was facing death without surgery, but the surgery options were very risky. Kourtney spent many hours on the phone with For the Love fo Alex talking out the surgery options and having a sympathetic ear as she made her decision.

Maui the dog for the love of Alex A Tough Decision

Finally, it was decided that Maui would get a surgery that is only performed by 3 surgeons in the country. The surgery includes entering through the stomach and closing as many shunts as possible with a special medical adhesive. Miraculously, Penn Vet has one of only three surgeons in the country who preform the uncommon procedure. Maui had the surgery at the end of August and has been doing well ever since. He’s back to his playful self. Thanks to the surgery, he will get to enjoy his time as a puppy and hopefully many more years.

A Happy Life and a High Price

Maui’s surgery was discounted by Penn Vet, but with many days in and out of the hospital leading up to and after the surgery, as well as the technology and skill needed to perform the operation, the total cost was over $8,000. We have raised about half of that amount as of the date of this article. Any donations to help us pay off Maui’s surgery and move on to saving the next dog or cat, is greatly appreciated.

Please make a donation here or through facebook.

Maui playing with orange toy dog for the love of Alex

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