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Give the gift of life to an innocent pet. No matter what is happening in the world, cats and dogs will always be there for us. We owe it to these loyal and loving creatures to do the same for them. Sometimes low-income families who take excellent care of their pets face an unexpected veterinary emergency and don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay for treatment. Here is where you come in. You can save a pet's life by covering unexpected veterinary costs.

Office Party

Many work teams like to come together to do something that makes their heart happy at the holidays. Consider giving to help a low-income family keep their pet healthy and in their loving home. Fill out this form, and we will build your work team, a special fundraising site where everyone can chip in toward a meaningful goal.

Save A Dog

The average cost to save the life of a dog is $4,000. This is for veterinary care and medication. You can save the life of one pet who is suffering and ensure that they can stay in their loving home.

An entire case: $4,000
Share: $400

Save A Cat

The average cost to save the life of a cat is $2,500. This is for veterinary care and medication. You can save the life of one pet who is suffering and ensure that they can stay in their loving home.

An entire case: $2,500
Share: $250

Honor Cards

What do you get for a person with a big heart? Make a donation in their honor and send them a card to signify the gift.

- Email: Have us send an email to your honoree. (Minimum Donation $5 each)


- Print a card: Print a card for your honoree. (Minimum Donation $10)


- Automatically Mail A Card: No Longer Available (Minimum Donation $25)


- Blank Cards: No Longer Available (Minimum Donation $25)


- Gift: We will send a small gift, including a Christmas ornament to your honoree, including a card. No Longer Available (Minimum donation $100)

Feed a Feline

Prescription cat food can be a life or death situation for cats suffering from urinary crystals. Sometimes we step in to fund these prescription purchases so that an animal can avoid a set back. Your donation of $27 covers the average cost of one week of healthy feeding.
One week: $27
One month: $108

Prescriptions for Pups

Sometimes dogs who have major medical conditions need a prescription diet or supplements to keep them healthy. In order to avoid set-backs, we like to ensure that the pets we help stay healthy and help their owners out with a few weeks or months worth of their prescription food. Your donation of $23 covers an average week of these life-saving supplies.

One week: $23
One month: $92

Emergency Veterinary Exam

Most low-income pet owners are shocked to learn that just being seen at the emergency vet costs an average of $110, without the additional testing, treatment, medication, or potential hospital stay.

Cover an Emergency Exam Fee: $110
Share: $10


The average cost of veterinary x-rays is $200. These life-saving diagnostic tests can find broken bones, blockages, and even cancer.

Pay for an animal x-rays: $200
Share of x-ray costs: $20

Give Where Needed Most

Not sure where to put your donation? A donation here will go wherever it is most needed!
$1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, other

Save A Life Today!
Today is the day to help save an animal's life β€” and we are looking forward to partnering with you.
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