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You may be thinking, “GivingTuesday? I thought that was in December.” You are not wrong. It is only because of the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19, that GivingTuesday has been moved up to May 5, 2020. You have the ability to be part of a global movement that is more powerful now than it has ever been. 

GivingTuesday’s general definition is a global day of giving, fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Typically GivingTuesday comes around as part of the largest shopping season of the year. It’s placed there to capture year-end donations and encourage heartfelt generosity around the holidays. It’s helpful for nonprofit organizations to get the help they need to make their year and plan for the next year. But right now, looking ahead to the end of the year is a scary thought. 

We are all touched by this global COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeing a major increase in applications, as people are facing unforeseen financial hardship. At the same time, we have a decrease in donations, because regular donors don’t have the extra funds to help. At a time when companion animals are providing important emotional support, it’s heartbreaking to have to turn applications away. But YOU can help! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020, is going to be one of the biggest giving days of the year and YOU play a major role. Your donations and word-of-mouth can help save the lives of pets in need of emergency veterinary care, and heal the hearts of their loving owners.

We share your belief that no animal should suffer needlessly or be the victim of economic euthanasia. That is why we are ASKING FOR YOUR HELP to reach a lofty GivingTuesday goal of raising $20,000. (This could potentially save the lives of 8 cats and dogs!)

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Thank you for supporting emergency funding for urgent and lifesaving care of pets of low-income families.

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