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 Apache Princess the dog  Apache Princess the dog

Apache Princess



Apache Princess

Apache Princess, the dog is fighting cancer. Her chances for a positive outcome are high and her mom needs help raising the $10,000 to get her treatment. Please help save this dog’s life.


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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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Apache Princess’s owner is a very special person. She doesn’t have any family and lives alone, so she’s always considered her dogs her family. But she’s had a rough few years because she lost three dogs to varying health conditions that could not be helped. All of her dogs were rescues who lived long lives. Just six months ago she went to her local rescue organization to adopt a dog. She immediately fell in love with Apache Princess. They bonded right away, so it was a total shock when not long after that Apache Princess was diagnosed with cancer.

Her owner made it her mission to get Apache Princess better.  She took her to the veterinarian and got every test she could. Thankfully, her cancer is very curable with expensive treatment including tumor-removal surgery. As a retired disabled person living on a fixed income Apache Princess’s mother did not have the funds for the very expensive treatment. She was not going to give up and started researching every organization she could that could possibly help save Apache Princess’s life. The treatment is going to cost over $10,000. This owner applied for every grant and donation she could get. She also started a gofundme page and raised over $400. When it was all said and done she was still $3000 away from her total. That’s when she came to For The Love Of Alex. She was starting to lose hope and was desperate to get the treatment started before the cancer had a chance to spread.

You have the opportunity to help this amazing woman who has overcome so much and worked so hard to raise the money to save her dog. Of course, Apache Princess is much more than a dog. She is a companion, a family member, and a best friend.

One of the most remarkable things about Apache Princess may be that she actually has a very good chance of beating this cancer. We have had a lot of dogs in our caseload lately with cancer and it’s just been heartbreaking. So when one comes to us with such a good chance of beating cancer, we can’t help but extend our hope to them.

Please donate today to help Apache Princess and her mom.


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