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Asia, a beautiful 5-year-old Saint Bernard is facing major knee replacement. She needs your help to afford the surgery which is even more complicated, because of her abnormal anatomy.


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Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Asia, a lovely 5-year-old Saint Bernard is in need of your help to get major surgery. Her owner describes Asia as, "the BEST most fun-loving girl. We enjoy spending all of our time outdoors when her pain level allows it. She loves having outdoor adventures as well as cuddling."Asia's medical history is pages long, with multiple issues from hip dysplasia, arthritis, a torn ACL, and incredible knee problems. But Asia's owner will never give up on her and has stayed by her side doing everything from working more hours to assisting in Asia's physical therapy. Things were starting to look up when recent testing showed that Asia has immense pressure and pain in her hips and knees. Asia's case is very involved. She has irregular anatomy in her leg and bone structure. She is working with 2 surgeons from different veterinary hospitals. Right now they believe the best bet is to concentrate on fixing Asia's knees, in hopes that correcting her knees will result in less strain on her hips. They are currently deciding between two possible courses of action: TPLO, or tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy surgery, or Total Knee Replacement. Regardless of choice, the operation will be $7000 to $8000. The surgery cannot take place for a few weeks, because she must heal from her last surgery before they can take action.

Asia's owner has already spent well over $9000 helping Asia overcome issues she's had since being 10 weeks old. She is reaching out for help now because she is out of money and she can only raise so much by taking on more work shifts.

Asia's owner is asking for your kindness and generosity.

For the Love of Alex has not built up enough funding to be able to take this case on outright. That means we cannot guarantee that we can raise the $7000 to $8000 needed to help Asia. But we did want to give you, our amazing donors, the opportunity to help. We will fundraise for Asia for 2 weeks and provide all of the donations directly to the veterinary hospital in New York where Asia's surgery will be scheduled. Asia's owner has pledged to continue working towards raising the rest of the money.


Good news and bad news for Asia
December 9, 2019 12:00 AM

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago when everything looked great. The good news is, our sweet friend has 2 new implants and her range of motion is looking great.

The bad news is, one of her incisions got infected and despite immediate intervention, the infection proved to be antibiotic-resistant. She's been on a roller-coaster of medications, tests, and hospital visits. Like many pets, Asia suffers from extreme anxiety when she is at the vet, so whenever possible Asia's owner has been making the long haul to and from the vet with Asia, so she can sleep and eat at home instead of spending the night at the hospital. Right now it appears that the infection has subsided and that it did not affect the implants. But, Asia's overall health has been poor since the infection and the doctors are worried that her constant urinating, lack of appetite, and incontinence may be a sign of a larger problem.

Right now all we can do is wait and let the doctors do their job, but your positive thoughts and prayers would mean a lot of Asia's mom.  

Asia's unique case was taken based on the agreement that we would fundraise before the surgery and whatever we raised would go to the surgery. We never imagined you would donate the entire $8,000. It was the most amazing news. You all came together and made every dollar count. THANK YOU. The $8,000 has all gone toward those custom-made implants, the doctor who came in from the UK to do the surgery, the surgery and hospital time. We and Asia's mom don't want to task you for anything more. She is doing her best to make it work. But, if you feel strongly about giving toward Asia's follow-up care, please send us an email and we will make special arrangements.

Please keep Asia and her owner in your thoughts. 🧡

Good News
October 29, 2019 12:00 AM

Here's a treat for you! 🧡

Asia had double knee replacement surgery. It took six hours, but they said it couldn't have gone netter except for one hiccup. Asia's artery that runs up her femur artery was nicked and it had to be clipped. Thankfully, it seems okay. Her post-op radiographs look good.

We look forward to sharing more good news about Asia in the coming weeks!

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