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“Bo” is the best friend of a special needs child and a brave cancer fighter. Can you afford $12 to give Bo one more day of life?


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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Bo first found his family at the local shelter in Arizona. His mom/owner likes to volunteer there to make her heart happy. Like you, she loves animals and wants to help them as much as she can. When she was volunteering, she met Bo and something just clicked. It turned out that connection was even more profound than she could have imagined.

Her son is a special needs child. He was never very social and tends to be shy and quiet. That is not the case when he has Bo by his side. He will open up to strangers and talk up a storm about his furry best friend. He has even studied the science of cancer and gives strangers a complete rundown of Bo's medical condition.

Bo has been such an active dog and a fighter. He fights for his family, for his little boy, and for his life. He developed a cancerous tumor in his mouth. He underwent radiation, and the tumor shrank. He followed through with chemo, and the tumor stopped growing. He has lived well past his life expectancy as an 8-year-old dog with aggressive cancer.

The bad news is that the treatments cannot stop his cancer. His treatments have gotten to a point where it is clear that his cancer cannot be eradicated, it can only be held at bay. If Beauregard stops the chemo, the tumor will grow, and he will pass away quickly. On the chemo he is happy. Bo is not having adverse reactions as some dogs might. He is energetic and loves spending time with his little boy. What this means is that the chemo is actually palliative or hospice care. The medicine is keeping him alive and happy. At some point, that will change. His cancer will become resistant to the chemo, and he will need to stop treatment and be kept comfortable until the end, which is expected to come quickly.

This is where you can help Bo, his mom, and his little boy. His treatments so far have cost almost $8000, and every 6 weeks he needs over $500 in medication to continue the chemo. Not including the doctor visit or anything, he needs that much just for his medicine. That means that in addition to his high bill he needs $12 a day to continue staying alive.

Please help Bo:
$12 can buy Bo a day. $27 can show support. (If just 300 people donate $27 it will take care of his balance and buy him 3 more months.)
$75 will cover 1% of Beauregard's balance from fighting cancer.
$500 will include an entire 6 weeks of chemo.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY, Angels. Bo, his mom, and his little boy are counting on your kindness.

Note: When discussing the case of Arashi, the cat, it was decided that, for Arashi, chemo was not the answer. She would not respond well to chemo and would be miserable, so her mother made the decision to keep her comfortable instead. For the type of cancer Bo has, and considering his high tolerance for the treatment, the complete opposite is the answer. He needs chemo for his quality of life. The second his quality of life becomes a problem, his mom/owner will do what is best for Bo. He simply is not ready to go yet. Beauregard, or Bo as his family affectionately calls him, is a very special dog fighting a terrible disease. Every day with Bo is a gift, as his days are numbered.


Rest in Peace, Beauregard
July 19, 2019 12:00 AM

We received the unfortunate news that Beauregard passed away this morning in his sleep.  While it is always terribly sad to lose someone you love, we knew this day was coming for poor Beau. Your donations gave him months more time with his family. Every morning since his cancer diagnosis has been a gift and we are thankful that he passed at home, surrounded by love.

Thank you for caring about Beauregard. ❤️ Please send your thoughts and prayers to his grieving family.


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