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Buttercup, the California puppy has had a tough start to her life, but her parents refuse to let her be a casualty of her setbacks. This Military family has exhausted their funds to save their fur baby.


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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Buttercup is a puppy from California suffering from Parvo. A little while after bringing her home, her family noticed she was becoming very sick. They took her to the vet for her first appointment and she was diagnosed with Parvo virus. Since Parvo can be prevented through consistent vaccination, Buttercupā€™s family contacted the breeder to let her know about the Parvo and they never got a response. These puppies were not taken care of properly, and now the family is in a dire situation.Ā 

A Cautionary Tale

We always encourage people to adopt through a rescue or shelter instead of buying puppies. This family and this poor dog were taken advantage of by what turned out to be a disreputable breeder, and now they are paying the price. Please donā€™t be the victim of a similar scam. This family did not know better, but now they do. Buttercupā€™s family could have given up on her, but they are fighting for her survival. They exhausted their funds to save Buttercup, and still need over $1,000 to finish paying for treatment.Ā Ā 

A Terrible TimeĀ 

Buttercupā€™s Mom is a teacher who was forced to take medical leave due to illness. She has not received a paycheck in months and is still trying to cover her own medical bills. In addition to her circumstances, her husband is in the Military and their bills are often sustained during deployments. However, now he is being medically discharged due to an injury he sustained during deployment. They have five children and the puppy was intended to provide companionship during a time when so many are isolated. As you can imagine, times are tough financially for this family.

Please Help If You CanĀ 

Thank you for understanding that this family ended up in a bad situation during a difficult time. The ā€œbreederā€ refuses to take any responsibility or even communicate with the family. Please help this family cover the last $1,600 of treatment to get Buttercup well again. The bill will be paid directly to the veterinarian.Ā 

If you can afford a few dollars, please help this baby and military family. Donate Now.


A Heartbreaking Ending
March 19, 2021 12:00 AM

We checked in to see how Buttercup has been doing since his treatment and had our hearts broken. After being treated for the parvo and seeming to be doing well, it was discovered that she also had distemper. This poor dog didn't have to go through any of this. Both conditions are 100% avoidable. The so-called "breeder" who sold this poor pup was a monster and this family learned a hard lesson about buying a pet from craigs list. Poor Buttercup didn't make it. It's just a terrible story all around.

We are thankful for the compassionate people who donated toward Buttercup's bill, which we are still paying off. All of us wanted to save Buttercup, and it's a tragedy that we could not. But there is love and strength in trying. Thank you.

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