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This family lost their angel, Captain Jack the cat. Now we are calling on our Angels to provide what comfort we can during this terrible time.


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Friday, October 2, 2020
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My favorite stories have happy endings, but we know that this is not always the case. So, I'm trying to scrape some good, some comfort and hope, from this heart-wrenching story. I understand if you don't want to read this one. TW: Pet loss. 

Sometimes we meet friends who bring us comfort and care just when we need it, but they can't stay. This is the story of an Angel on earth, who was called back too soon. A single mom and her children welcomed Captain Jack, the cat, into their lives during a terrible time. Just before the pandemic hit, Jack's owner's partner abandoned her and the children. They faced personal and financial hardship, and Jack was a godsend, particularly to her son, who struggles with severe depression. Together the family moved to Colorado to start fresh with the help of some friends they met through church. 

But circumstances got worse. The pandemic made finding work hard, and then Captain Jack fell ill. With Jack only being eight and otherwise healthy, the family wanted to fight for him. He had a noncancerous tumor that was pushing on his brain. The problem was serious and deadly, but the doctors were very confident that a major surgery to remove the tumor would fix the problem. All signs pointed to hope and many more good years for Jack. 

We were not able to get on the case before the surgery, and when we talked with Jack's mom, it was terrible news. She moved mountains to borrow the money for the surgery, money that she has no idea how to pay back, and Jack had the surgery. There was a moment of calm and breaths of relief, and then a terrible call. Jack had developed a brain bleed, and his life was quickly taken back to Heaven, where he surely came from. 

The family is devastated. Jack's owner is blaming herself. Jack's best friend, the owner's son, is fighting for the strength to go on. To make matters worse, there is now a huge debt for this struggling family. Jack's owner cried to me on the phone that she needs snow tires and her oven broke and she has no idea how to pay for these things. This family lost their angel, and now we are calling on our Angels to provide what comfort we can during this terrible time. 

As you know, we only pay veterinarians directly. Therefore, we cannot help with the costs of over $4,000 that she already paid by borrowing from family that she has to pay back. We can help with the money she still owes to two separate hospitals. One has a bill of $649 and the other bill is estimated at $3,000, but I should be getting a call with a final total soon. 

This is not one of our usual cases. We aren't asking you to save a life today. We are asking you to help a grieving family. 

This fundraiser will be hosted for one week, or less if we cover the bill earlier. 

If you can help, any dollar amount will help this family.


Stay tuned for updates.
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