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Cher the cat is the light of her owner’s life. She has a mysterious illness that has her close to death. Please donate to help us get her well.

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Monday, July 8, 2019
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The relationship between Cher and her owner is pure love. Her owner says, “Cher is the kindest, smartest little kitty I’ve ever known...She exhibits so much energy, love, and positivity every day of her life, and I hate to see her like this.” 

For four days Cher has been declining in health, not eating, drinking, or using the litterbox. Her owner has been trying to raise the money to get her seen by a veterinarian, but he just can't be approved for credit. Ten months ago he paid for Cher to have emergency pyometra surgery and his low-income finances never caught up to make up that unexpected expense. At this point, it’s unknown what exactly is causing the problem. Knowing that our Angel-Donors like you would want to help this sweet kitty and her dad, we helped him get Cher to the emergency vet yesterday. They gave her fluids and checked for a blockage or some other cause, but came up with no answers. Today they followed up with their regular vet and did more tests and gave her more fluids. She is currently on medication that will help her pass a potential blockage, but they still aren't sure that’s what it is. She needs another follow-up tomorrow.

This situation reminds us very much Finnian the cat who kept having symptoms, but it took a long time to determine the cause. If it does prove to be a blockage, and she doesn't pass it on her own, she will face surgery. But at this point, it’s not adding up. Two sets of X-rays don’t clearly show a blockage. 

She sleeps every night with her Dad (owner) and wakes up with him every day. This has been the routine since he took her in 3 years ago. Please help us give them many more mornings together. 

Please donate today to help us figure out this poor kitty’s medical condition.

Cher continues to seek answers
July 16, 2019 12:11 PM

Our friend, Cher, is still suffering from a mystery illness. We finally got all of the many test results back and she hasn't tested positive for anything. Her ultrasound did show she has thickening in her small intestines. This can be an indication of IBD, leukemia, or simply a side effect of a particularly nasty viral infection that has since resolved itself. The doctors don't want to rush to a biopsy, because they don't want to put Cher through an unnecessary surgery. She has been doing well the past few days and even began eating on her own, so the veterinarian wanted to wait 3-4 weeks to do another ultrasound and see if the thickening had gone away.  

Today, Cher suddenly stopped progressing and took a step backward. She hasn't been feeling well and is refusing to eat on her own again. Since Cher still has the feeding tube, the veterinarian advised Cher's owner to keep an eye on her for a day or two. If the problem persists, they will need to take Cher back in for further care. At that point, a biopsy may be required.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Cher as she goes through this journey. It's very frustrating to not have concrete answers. But, we are also lucky to have been able to save Cher's life in the short term. Without her hospital visits, she would have dehydrated or starved. At least she is alive and in the loving arms of her owner, as we continue to follow her journey.

Any donation you can make toward Cher's care is a life-saver. THANK YOU for caring about Cher.

CHER the cat UPDATE 🤞
July 9, 2019 2:44 PM

Our friend Cher is alive. That is something. This poor girl and her owner have been back and forth to 3 different vet hospitals. Today she is home, but she still has a feeding tube in. She's only eaten a few bites on her own over these many days. The specializing hospital is going to be calling with test results today or tomorrow. Whatever is wrong with this poor girl is not common at all. When I first met Cher, seven days ago, I honestly felt like she might have a bad infection or a blockage. I never thought we'd still be waiting for answers while she eats from a feeding tube. Please send positive thoughts and prayers.

Any donation you can spare will go a long way in paying off her ever-mounting hospital bills. She is getting every test in the book!


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