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This three-legged dog from Virginia needs help to overcome a cancer-diagnosis and keep giving love to his disabled mom.


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Thursday, August 27, 2020
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"Chesney is the bestest pup! I am sure that you hear that often but he loves everyone, and people always love him... he licks tears and wounds and snuggles in for comfort often." 

Chesney's owner calls him her "soulpup." The two have been through a lot in his short seven years. His mom faced a major medical emergency and is now caught in bureaucracy that is keeping her from getting disability. Now Chesney has lost his leg and is fighting cancer. These two need each other and need your help. 

Chesney's owner spent her last dime and ran up debt for Chesney's medical treatment to this point. Chesney's osteosarcoma diagnosis didn't come easy. There were several vet visits, tests, and specialists to finally get answers. Then, it was suddenly a race against time to remove the cancer by amputating Chesney's leg. She had to make this life or death decision before she came to For The Love Of Alex, but we believe this was a needed amputation. 

She threw the surgery's cost on a credit card and was left with nothing to cover his ongoing chemo and testing. We do not pay individuals, and therefore cannot reimburse her the cost of surgery, but you can help with Chesney's future chemo treatments. 

The oncologist is optimistic that Chesney can beat this and have more amazing years of life with his mom. 

Thank you for caring and for giving from the heart. 

Every donation helps. 

Save Chesney's life today with a donation.


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