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Cutie Petuti the CatCutie Petuti the Cat

Cutie Petuti



Cutie Petuti

Please help Cutie Petuti the cat as he recovers from a near-tragic car accident. This poor stray cat found himself in terrible anguish when a good samaritan rescued him.


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Friday, August 9, 2019
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Cutie Petuti was hiding in a bush beside a busy road when something startled him and he ran across the street. He was hit by a car and thankfully a good samaritan saw the whole thing. He scooped Cutie Petuti up and acquired several scratches in his attempt. He rushed Cutie to the hospital. 

X-rays showed that the force of the impact pushed his stomach and intestines through his diaphragm and they were pressing against his lungs. He needed immediate surgery. 

This good samaritan found himself in a tough situation. He came up with a few hundred dollars deposit but had absolutely nothing left to give. He reached out to FTLOA to ask for your help in raising the rest of the $1500 bill. 

This good samaritan plans to offer the tiny stray cat a home. They have bonded since the incident. He visits Cutie in the hospital every day, and Cutie lights up and is happy to see him. 

The timing is so hard because Cutie’s new owner is low-income and his wife has been ill and in the hospital for several days. The bills are piling up and he doesn't even know how he’ll pay his cell phone bill this month. 

Any donation is a huge help.


August 27, 2019 12:00 AM

Cutie's owner says, "Cutie Petuti had his vet appointment Friday to have his sutures removed. He’s a very brave boy🧡 The vet said due to the extent of his injuries he’s going to take a while to fully recover. Even with that being said he’s doing amazingly well. He’s playful and very happy😻"

THANK YOU for caring about Cutie Petuti 💚

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