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Dodger is suffering from Addison’s Disease and needs your help to stay alive until his illness is able to be managed.


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Tuesday, February 5, 2019
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Dodger suffers from Addisons Disease. This poor guy was a seemingly healthy 1.5-year-old, living a happy and loved life. When the symptoms started to appear, he was tired and not his usual fun-loving self. They took him to the vet hoping for answers but were shocked at what they learned. Dodger has Addisons Disease, a rare glandular disorder.

There is hope for Dodger. After a year of extensive treatment and testing, most dogs with this disease live long and happy lives. They just need occasionally follow-up care. The heartbreaking part was that the year's treatment would cost over $5000. In utter shock and grief, Dodger's owners knew that they could not afford the treatment. Thankfully they heard about you, the amazing Angels who keep pets alive with your donations.

Dodger started treatment about June 2018 and his costs continue to add up. We need your help to pay these medical bills and keep him improving.

His owner's most recent report is that: "Dodger hasn't lost weight since his appt a month ago so that's good! Electrolytes are great. The doctor wants to continue checking them and hopefully lower the meds more in the coming months so that we can get on a low dose routine with fewer visits and less medication. The doctor did say it will still be several months before we get where we hope to be. But this is the best news I've received on an update for him since the beginning."

He has a long way to go, and your donations are crucial to his full recovery.


Dodger is home
September 6, 2019 12:00 AM

Dodger isn't thrilled about wearing a cone, but he is happy to be home and alive after his emergency surgery!

Thank you for giving him a chance at life.

Dodger has major scare
August 24, 2019 12:00 AM

We had an emergency with Dodger, our friend who is fighting Addison’s Disease. He somehow ingested two foreign bodies and needed emergency surgery. Thankfully the veterinary office was able to help with some financial support for this critical emergency, but they asked FTLOA to please step in and help with the hospitalization.

Please help keep Dodger alive with a donation today.

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