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Ethan the tiny kitten was found last night by an amazing Angel that took him in. Ethan’s leg has a huge gash in it and it appears the muscle is exposed. This baby needs medical attention ASAP!


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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Can you help this baby Ethan?

Ethan (we believe is a boy) the kitten was found last night by an amazing Angel that took him in. She was driving and heard an animal crying, as she pulled into the parking lot of a pizza parlor she saw the distressed tiny kitten hidden under a bush. It’s leg had a huge gash in it and it appeared the muscle was exposed. 

His savior cleaned the wounds and put a bandage on it last night, but Ethan needs medical attention ASAP! 

His new mom said she is willing to do anything to get this baby better, and wants to give him a loving home, but she doesn't have the financial means right now, as one of her own cats has congestive heart failure and his treatments and medications have depleted her bank account.

Can you help Ethan get to the emergency vet to have his leg looked at?


Ethan is receiving laser therapy to treat his injured leg
November 15, 2021 12:00 AM

Tiny Ethan is being treated with laser therapy to help heal the gash in his leg. Ethan has had 5 treatments and the wound is slowly healing. His mom said he is doing great, but he doesn't like to wear the cone of shame as it slows him down! Ethan has another check up with his vet this week, we are hoping for good news. Thank you for caring about Ethan.

Ethans wound to his leg has been treated, we still do not know if it will need to be amputated, praying for this tiny little guy
November 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Ethan's gash to his leg was pretty severe, there was not enough good tissue to suture up the wound, so the veterinarian used laser treatments to help promote healing and prevent further infections. Ethan is on antibiotics and pain medication. He is being monitored closely and the bandage has to be changed every few days. We still do not know yet if the leg will have to be amputated, only time will tell. We will have more updates soon.

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