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Friday the cat needed expensive veterinary care to deal with a urinary blockage, eventually resulting in surgery. Today he is alive thanks to your donations


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Tuesday, July 10, 2018
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Friday is an incredibly sweet cat who offers a ton of emotional support to his human mom. He was adopted after his mom's landlord found him abandoned in a vacant apartment. They have been best buds ever since. You can imagine Friday's mom's horror when he developed urinary problems and needed to be hospitalized. 

She did not know how she was going to pay for his care, as she usually makes just enough money to pay for the essentials. This includes Friday's regular vet care and wet food diet, but she did not have the money for a major hospital stay. She came to For the Love of Alex, asking for the help of Angels like you. 

Friday was one of the first cases we were able to take after reassuming operations. (You might not know that our founder became very ill at the end of 2017 and passed away in February 2018. It was devastating and took some time and a lot of paperwork to get up-and-running again.) When speaking to Friday's mom, it was immediately clear that she was the kind of pet owner that our founder, Elizabeth, would jump at the chance to help. She treated Friday like family and would do anything for him. 

We were so happy to help this cat. With complications his hospital stay was longer than we had hoped. At the beginning, the veterinarians tried to clear Friday’s blockage with a catheter and medication. But day after day he wasn’t getting better, so finally he needed PU surgery. Of course, this took place over a weekend and with the extra night in the hospital, his total was well over $5,000. and he needed expensive surgery. 

But, you can’t put a price on love. Today, thanks to generous donations from caring people like you, Friday is alive and well.


Friday the Cat on Friday the 13th
September 13, 2019 12:00 AM
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For The Love Of Alex Inc. provides emergency funding for life-saving veterinary care of low-income families.