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Ginger, the dog’s life was in danger when her owner desperately sought veterinary care for her. She called several veterinarians explaining that she doesn't have much money, but her dog is dying.


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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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Alabama dog, Ginger, is more than her owner’s pet, she is truly her best friend. Ginger’s owner is retired and disabled, which can get lonely. But she’s never lonely because she takes Ginger everywhere with her. She’s raised Ginger since she was just 4 weeks old, and now she is 5, and a true best friend. Which is why her sudden illness worried her owner so much.

Ginger was throwing up, refusing food and water, and incredibly lethargic when her mom desperately sought veterinary care for her. She called several veterinarians explaining that she is on a fixed income and only has $150, but her dog was dying. Two offices turned her away before a third told her to come right in and they would figure out payment after the dog was saved. (This is so uncommon for veterinary offices that it warmed my heart.)

Stressed and knowing full well that she was racking up a bill, Ginger’s mom tried to focus on her best friend's well-being. Ginger had bladder stones that were causing a urethral blockage. This was resulting in kidney failure and a ruptured bladder. Ginger would have died without the help she received.

This veterinarian truly focused on saving lives, no matter the cost. (Thank you, Dr. Hulsey, at Bentley Animal Hospital.) As soon as Ginger was stable, her owner got to work trying to figure out how she was going to pay this bill. Even with bare-minimum pricing, Ginger's owner didn’t know how she would raise the few hundred dollars to pay back this life-saving veterinarian.

She brought the case to FTLOA and it struck a cord, because of her intense love for her pet and the care taken by the veterinarian. This is the kind of story we wish we heard more of. Honest people doing right by their pet and proud veterinarians taking a chance on a person with low-income and no ability to pre-pay.

Please make a donation toward Ginger’s medical bill to help this low-income pet owner pay her debt and this amazing veterinarian continue to have faith in people.


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