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Goose the cat is suffering from crystals in his urine. His owner is permanently disabled due to MS and needs your help to get Goose healthy again.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Meet Goose, the amazing cat who loves to create silliness with his brother Maverick. While this Goose doesn’t fly planes, he does make his owner’s heart soar. She is a dutiful mom and cat-mom, who is permanently disabled due to multiple sclerosis (MS). Her cats provide her with companionship and love that empowers her to get through each day. 

She was heartbroken when Goose came down with crystals in his urine. She got a crash course in urinary health for cats and has been advised to keep Goose on a prescription wet diet. Goose is currently being treated in the hospital with a catheter and fluids. This hospital stay is a life-saving necessity, but going forward she will need to keep him on an expensive diet too. 

Goose’s owner has reached out to her local pet food bank, but they don’t typically stock the prescription food and can’t offer her any help. With her fixed income, she is going to need some help paying for the prescription food for at least a little while. A month’s supply of canned food will cost about $75. If you are interested in setting up a monthly donation to cover this specific cost for Goose’s mom, please choose the “Make this a monthly donation” option and leave a note about the food. 

Please help us keep Goose healthy so that he can continue to brighten his mom’s day.

Goose gets out of the hospital
July 3, 2019 12:00 AM

"I am so happy I didn't have to say goodbye to my friend" 

Goose the cat is alive today because of the kindness of strangers. 


Our friend, Goose, is alive today after spending longer in the hospital than we had hoped. It took a two-night stay to get him stabilized. We're hopeful that he won't block again with his new diet and continued monitoring. 


THANK YOU, for caring about Goose. If you can please make a donation toward his ongoing care, his mom would be forever grateful. 


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