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 Hunter Cole the Service Dog  Hunter Cole the Service Dog

Hunter Cole



Hunter Cole

Please be a hero to this service dog and his disabled veteran. Hunter Cole needs a second ACL surgery so that he can live his best life and offer support to his loving owner.


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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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Hunter Cole is an amazing animal. His owner is a disabled veteran who has been through a lot. He cannot work. This veteran is missing the lower half of his leg and has had dozens of surgeries to resolve serious nerve problems that make it difficult for him to use his prosthetic leg. He goes back and forth from a wheelchair to his prosthetic, but he can only walk with the prosthetic leg for short periods of time. Hunter Cole is his service dog and a godsend to this veteran.

Last year, Hunter needed ACL surgery. At the time the doctor’s believed he would likely need ACL surgery on his other leg eventually. That time has come. We are asking you to be a hero to this service dog and his disabled veteran. Right now Hunter Cole cannot get around the way he would like and his human cannot depend on him for physical support.

The relationship between Hunter and his human is unmatched. They love each other so much and depend on each other for everything. Hunter helps his human get from place to place by pulling his wheelchair or offering support when he walks. The two play hard too, because it's important for service dogs to get breaks. After Hunter’s first surgery he needed to stay overnight at the hospital. When his owner picked him up he had FTLOA on the phone. You have never heard such an emotional reunion. Hunter was so excited that he was barking and licking his owner. His owner was tearful as he tried to calm down his best friend in the world.

Helping Hunter Cole makes an impact on his life and his veteran’s life.


Hunter Cole The Service Dog Scheduled For Surgery
April 30, 2019 12:00 AM

Hunter went to his surgery consult and got the all clear from the doctor. Surgery is scheduled for May 9.

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