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Kitty is the name of one man’s best friend. Kitty’s owner has done everything he can to try and prevent a blockage in his beloved cat, but now Kitty needs surgery to fix a stubborn problem. Please help keep Kitty alive


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Monday, May 6, 2019
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Kitty the cat has a silly name and serious problem. Speaking with Kitty’s owner, it’s clear that he loves this cat. When Kitty was, well, a kitten, he was given to his owner as a gift. “Never did I think that I’d fall in love with this kitty, but here I am. He’s my best friend.” Kitty’s owner gushes over him and spoils him as his only pet. He is a dutiful pet owner and his regular veterinarian can’t say enough about how he does everything he can to keep Kitty healthy. And it’s important to note that this veterinarian will not profit in any way from the surgery, because they do not perform it at her office. Kitty has been referred to a specializing surgeon.  

Kitty is suffering from a blocked urethra and crystals. The surgeon agrees that he needs surgery to fix this ongoing problem. Whenever a cat suffers from blockages, we do not jump to surgery as the answer. Dietary changes can have a huge impact. But we know that Kitty’s owner has done all of the right things already. He followed orders precisely as soon as Kitty started having problems. He lives on a fixed income and spent all of his savings dealing with past blockages.

We are are asking YOU to please SAVE KITTY from needless suffering.

YOUR DONATION will make a huge impact in affording his surgery and recovery care.

Please, #KeepKittyAlive with your donation.


Kitty is doing well
June 4, 2019 12:00 AM

After a successful surgery and finally getting his cone off, Kitty is doing very well. His dutiful cat-Dad sent us this photo and his thanks to all of the Angels that helped Kitty get the surgery he needed. THANK YOU! 

Kitty says, "No photos today, Dad." ;)
Kitty the cat update
May 10, 2019 12:00 AM

Kitty had his surgery yesterday. He is recovering well and the doctor's report is that everything went well. All he needs is to not lick his stitches and keep eating right, to ensure a full recovery.

THANK YOU to all of you beautiful donors and cat-lovers. We did have one amazing person step up with a large donation to ensure that Kitty could get surgery immediately. So, her fundraiser is closed, but there are still cats who need your help.

Mika's fundraiser has not yet met her goal:
DONATE to MIKA here.

And Charming's surgery and care is so expensive, that he continues to need donations. We got another $400 bill today for follow-up diagnostics.

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