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Leah, the Pennsylvania dog had been through significant amounts of distress before her Mom got her stabilized. She was found with bruising all over her body and bleeding from her nose, rectum, and eyes and her Mom knew this was urgent.


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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Leah is a 4 year old dog from Pennsylvania who has been happy all her life, until a freak veterinary emergency derailed her health. Her Mom noticed red bruising all over her body along with an extremely bloodshot left eye that Leah could barely open. Her condition kept worsening and her Mom rushed to check her little fighter into a local emergency department. 

The emergency treatment team noticed that her red blood cell count was extremely low and that her eyeballs were bleeding inside. They gave Leah’s Mom the devastating news that if she took Leah home that night, she may bleed out overnight and not make it any longer. 

Leah’s Mom had no choice but to keep her at the hospital overnight and approve full body x-rays, additional blood work, monitored antibiotics, and a blood transfusion if deemed necessary. Leah isn’t just a companion to her Mom, she is an emotional support friend who is deeply loved and adored by everyone she meets. There are no words to describe how much happiness Leah brings her family and others. Leah’s Mom decided she would do absolutely anything she could to save her pup, and scrambled to find help to pay for this treatment. 

After getting some more test results back, Leah’s x-rays came back clear and there was no sign of cancer. Thank goodness! However, her red blood cell count was still extremely low and she continued to bleed excessively. Now severely anemic, her medical team knew they had to act promptly or Leah would continue to decline.

The team at the Veterinary Hospital was able to give Leah a successful blood transfusion, which was just what she needed to jumpstart her healing journey. Now, Leah is stable and recovering. She is beginning to get her happy spirit back, but will need life-long medication to suppress her immune system as she is most likely facing a chronic auto-immiune disorder.

Leah’s Mom has spent her last dime to stabilize her and cannot afford the extended treatment she needs to keep this illness under control. Their entire family has chipped in to help Leah feel herself again, but now they have exhausted their savings with such a sudden emergency. 

For The Love Of Alex agreed to cover the next 3 months of medication and treatment to assist in finding a final diagnosis and care plan for moving forward. Leah’s entire family is desperate to save her life and get her the proper care she needs to find what is wrong so she can continue being the smiley, tail-wagging pup that she has always been.


Prayer request
March 24, 2021 12:00 AM

If you don't want to read bad news tonight, please scroll past this post. I will start by pointing out the silver lining, which is that Leah is loved and her family really cares about her and her quality of life. I wish all pet owners were so generous of heart.

Leah has been dealing with an autoimmune disorder for about a month. We know that autoimmune issues can be tough, but we were confident that if we funded her testing and care for 3 months, she could get on a treatment plan that would lift her quality of life. It seemed to be working, but leading up to Monday Leah started to get very sick. The medicine that seemed to have been helping actually contributed to her developing diabetes and a terrible case of pancreatitis. She also had a slew of other issues. Anything you can think of and this poor girl was fighting through it.

Today I received a tearful call from the family. They made the selfless decision to put Leah's well-being about other own desire to keep her alive. Seeing that she was in pain, and understanding that no amount of care could help her long-term quality-of-life, they have decided to humanely euthanize their sweet girl.

Please keep Leah and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Any donations toward Leah's end-of-life care are appreciated. Every burden we can take off the hands of this grieving family is worth its weight in gold.

Leah's emergency visit
March 1, 2021 12:00 AM

Leah is home for now.

She was rushed to the hospital on Friday and the vet examined her and said she was stable for the moment. Since it was a Friday evening, the internists had left for the day and he said we should schedule an appointment since he was only an emergency vet. They did a CBC and the results will come back soon for her platelet count and everything. He said if her platelets drop to a dangerous level within the next few days then she would need to be admitted. But for right now he sent us home with another immunosuppressant and we're going to see how her platelets hold these next few days. He said he did have hope and she was stable right now so hopefully the bloodwork will be okay.

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