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Leo, the Pennsylvania dog, has had three homes in his short year of life. After finally finding a forever home, he was the victim of a simple accident and now needs major surgery to save his paw and keep his home.

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Monday, April 20, 2020
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Leo has had a tough time in his short life. This heartbroken pup has already circulated through three different owners. One after the other, owners gave him up because they couldn’t handle the responsibility. Finally, Leo made it to his forever home in Pennsylvania. A single mother took him in, and her three children immediately fell in love with Leo. 

Just as Leo was settling into his happy home, he had a significant accident. Anyone with little dogs knows they have a habit of getting underfoot at the worst possible times. Small-dog owners learn to anticipate these sudden moves and step carefully to avoid catching a paw. But Leo’s owner’s small children hadn’t had time to develop that skill. Just days after moving Leo in, there was an accident while going down the stairs. It all happened so fast, and poor Leo’s paw was the casualty. 

The children were heartbroken and incredibly sorry for the accident. Leo’s owner rushed him to the vet for x-rays. The veterinarian doesn’t believe the dog was suffering from abuse, but that it was an unfortunate and all-too-common accident. X-rays showed that Leo had a distal fracture and needed surgery to put the bone back into place. 

Leo’s owner is a dedicated mother and works hard. She calculated the cost of raising a pet day-to-day, but she had not planned for this major veterinary emergency. She lives paycheck to paycheck and was denied care credit, so when the surgeon quoted over $2,000 for surgery, she was in a bind. Asking for help is never easy, but she put her pride behind Leo’s needs and is asking for your help to pay for the surgery. 

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