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Lily, the Minnesota kitten needs your help to have two bladder stones removed that are robbing her of her playful cattitude. 

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Sunday, February 7, 2021
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Lily is a one year old cat from Minnesota who is in need of a surgery to remove two bladder stones that are stopping her from being her spunky self.. Lily’s Mom noticed something wasn’t right with her little girl, and took her to the veterinarian right away. After performing some examinations and x-rays, an infection was also discovered near her bladder and rectum. Lily needs to have surgery to correct this, or she will be another casualty of a feline urinary blockage. 

Lily’s Mom is struggling to make ends meet as she is being challenged by her own personal medical bills. She has had both a hip replacement and a knee replacement in the last two years. Nobody intends to have these emergencies all at the same time. As you can imagine, Lily’s owner’s has exhausted her funds and needs help. Although still struggling with her own bills, her Mom has covered as much of Lily’s medical bills as she can, but it is not enough to bring Lily back to health.

Lily’s owner lost her job due to COVID-19 and is living on unemployment. This simply isn’t enough to make come up with the needed funds. Lily is lucky that her medical situation is treatable. She will need the help of our Angels to get her through surgery and move on to a long life of happiness. 

Please donate towards Lily’s life-saving surgery.

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