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Maui is a rescue pup who suffers from a rare birth defect that causes countless vascular abnormalities. He required life-saving surgery in 2018 and now needs your help to stay healthy.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Maui is a Pennsylvania puppy, from a rescue organization. The rambunctious pup was full of energy and life when suddenly he fell very ill. His owner ran him to the hospital where he received treatment to stabilize him and was sent off to the University of Penn Veterinary Hospital for emergency surgery for a portosystemic shunt. Unfortunately, tests showed that Maui’s illness was much graver than a shunt. He was born with a rare birth defect that caused countless vascular abnormalities. This causes his veins and arteries to bypass his liver. Without risky surgery, he would surely die.

On the way from her local vet to the University of Penn, Maui's owner desperately reached out to For the Love of Alex, Inc. (FTLOA) The hospital required a deposit, and she had already used all of her credit for the initial visit. For the Love of Alex was able to step in, make the deposit and continue paying for Maui’s treatment until he was well.

Maui’s owner was also thankful to FTLOA for offering a sympathetic ear to discuss the surgery options. After numerous phone calls and research, it was decided that Maui would get a surgery that is only performed by 3 surgeons in the country. The procedure includes entering through the stomach and closing as many shunts as possible with a special medical adhesive. Maui had the surgery on Friday, August 24 and has been doing well ever since. Thanks to the surgery, he will get to enjoy his time as a puppy and hopefully many more years to come.

Maui’s owner will be forever grateful for the donations and support from FTLOA in Maui's time of need.

Listen to your gut!
June 13, 2019 12:00 AM

Pet parents, listen to your gut. When Maui's mom was at the vet last night the doctor wanted to do surgery immediately. He insisted that Maui had a blockage and needed surgery. Maui's mom knew that didn't sound right and we supported her in going back to the specialty hospital that handled Maui's surgery last year.

When she got there the original thought was that Maui did have a blockage. This vet went as far as to believe that it was a foreign object, which shocked Maui's mom. To be certain, Maui received an ultrasound. Sometimes we complain that veterinary medicine is so expensive, and a lot of that cost is because of technology. Today I say, "Thank goodness for technology." Because the ultrasound proved that there is no foreign object and no obstruction. Just like Maui's mom believed.

If not for Maui's mom insisting on a second opinion, Maui would have had dangerous and expensive surgery to remove a blockage that wasn't there!

Maui does have an extreme case of gastroenteritis, with an incredibly inflamed bladder. They are doing some more tests and Maui will follow-up with the internist tomorrow. Currently, they don't think this is related to any malformations in his shunts. But after today's experience, we certainly won't believe anything until all the tests are in!

Thank you for your prayers and donations. Please keep the good thoughts coming, because it will take some time to determine the cause of this situation.

Maui at the hospital
June 13, 2019 12:00 AM

Maui is at the specialty hospital waiting patiently waiting for the results of his $550 ultrasound. The doctor feels that the ultrasound will reveal an obstruction caused by a foreign object. If that is the case, he will need surgery to remove it.

Maui's mom is relieved to be close to a diagnosis with a doctor she trusts. She can't imagine how Maui swallowed a foreign object, as they keep a close eye on him, but dogs can be sneaky.

Please send positive thoughts to Maui and his mom. ❤️

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