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Remembering Miracle’s harrowing journey from near death to a clean bill of health. You can make miracles happen for other pets like Miracle with your donation.


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Thursday, March 7, 2019
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Miracle is an astonishing cat that lives up to his name. He survived extensive injuries that his now-owners suggest may have been caused by a thoughtless human. He wandered up to the right porch to seek asylum and help with skin hanging off of his body. Thankfully, Donor-Angels like you lifted Miracle up and supported him from his first shocking and gruesome appearance.

After months of care, and thanks to your donations and the constant attention of his adoptive parents, Miracle received a clean bill of health. He still needs eye drops, but the vast portions of his skin that were hanging off are now healed, and he looks as handsome as ever. He's happy and healthy and bringing joy to his owners every day.

Please help make more miracles happen for pets from low-income families. Your donations save lives and bring hope to pets and their families.


Hello Handsome
June 3, 2020 12:00 AM

Miracle the cat stopped by to say hello. Thanks for keeping this awesome guy alive!

July 30, 2019 12:00 AM

Last week Miracle had a scare. We didn't get a chance to post about it in real-time, but last week he caused quite a scare to his owners when he became ill and refused to come out from under the couch. Miracle's dad tried to pick him up to get him to the vet and Miracle lashed out. He simply was not acting like himself. It was very scary for his dutiful parents. Finally, it was determined that he had a kidney infection. He was placed on antibiotics and has already bounced back. Thank goodness.

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