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This story isn't just about a cat. It’s about a woman who took it in and a veterinarian who did everything she could.


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Monday, July 1, 2019
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I don't want to tell you a sad story today. Instead, I am going to tell you a story of hope and human kindness. The story starts with a woman who saw a cat in the street and picked it up. The cat was in terrible shape. 

This is not a sad story, so I am not going to tell you the grim details of everything that was wrong with this poor stray kitten. I am going to tell you that a mother scooped up the kitten, saw past her bleak exterior, and loved her. The woman took the cat to the vet. The kitten felt love and safety and comfort. During this kitty's short life on earth, she knew that she was loved. 

Unfortunately, the cat did not survive its many injuries despite best efforts on the part of the woman, the veterinarian, and FTLOA. The veterinarian did all of the tests and treatments available. We all believed that with proper care, this cat had a real chance of survival. 

Sometimes it is just time for an animal to go. But this is not a sad story. This is a story of hope and help and love. No, we can't save every animal we meet, but we can try and trying is what makes us good human beings. 

Let's take a second and appreciate all the good human beings who love animals. Let's take a second to send love into the universe for all of the animals that unfortunately don't get to feel the love that we give to our own pets every day. 

I am asking today, in an attempt not to make you very sad and depressed, to please make a small donation toward the cost of a little kitten named Mittens who didn't make it last weekend.


Stay tuned for updates.
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