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Murray was a stray kitten who was hit by a car. Her pelvis was shattered and her legs were broken. She continues to fight for her quality of life.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018
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Murray was left for dead as the victim of a hit and run car accident. She was a stray cat, so she had no owner to care for her. A woman saw the accident and scooped up the terrified kitten. She had every intention of taking care of Murray for the rest of her life and paying whatever she needed to keep her alive. But she was in for a shock when she quickly maxed out a care credit at the regular vet, only to be sent to a specializing hospital.

Murray's savior was heartbroken. She had no idea that Murray's injuries were so extream or that the cost would top over $7000. She thought she was going to have to surrender Murray or have her euthanized. She knew that Murray was meant to be with her, and meant to be healthy, but she had no idea how to save her. That's when she reached out to For the Love of Alex. She asked for the support of donors like you to "please save Murray."

In the end, Murray needed treatment for a broken wrist, two broken legs, and a shattered pelvis. She needed extensive treatment and surgery to survive. Her pelvis was so bad, that she may need future surgery.

Right now, Murray is stable, but she needs your help to pay for her expensive treatment and ensure that she can get future surgery on her pelvis if she needs it.

The veterinary hospital that treated Murray gave For the Love of Alex a very generous Nonprofit discount, so her care would have cost almost $10,000. Instead, the final total came to just over $7,000.

Please HELP US SAVE MURRAY and other cats like her with your donation.

Murray starts again
September 16, 2019 12:00 AM

It is still a shock to us and Murray's family that she had to have her leg removed. We do not enter lightly into any amputation, but in this case it was best for Murray. Her leg has been surgically removed and she is home, resting. She already seems to be feeling much better and getting her personality back. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Any help in raising the $2000 needed for this emergency surgery is appreciated.

Murray Faces Major Surgery
September 11, 2019 12:00 AM

It was almost a year ago that Murray was hit by a car and suffered multiple fractures as well as a shattered pelvis. At that time, Murray received over $8000 in needed care. With your support and generosity, she survived. Murray's hind right leg was not functional when she was discharged last year. Despite efforts to regain function, Murray did not respond to physical therapy and the limb has operated like a peg-leg. It didn't slow her down and she was happy. That was until just a week ago. Suddenly, Murray started excessively biting and scratching the non-functional limb. Murray would not leave the leg alone and in just 2 days the wound became grotesque and it was almost impossible to keep her from attacking her own leg.

Murray the cat in cage at vet

This sudden change in behavior was worrisome to the veterinarian because of concerns for abnormal neurological function, necrosis, and infection. The recommendation was to amputate the leg. We do not take amputation lightly and avoid it at all costs. Our founder was highly opposed to amputation when any other route could be taken. The veterinarian we are currently working with, CVETS in South Carolina, is a veterinary hospital that our founder had a strong and positive relationship with. She trusted this doctor and so do we. He and Murray's loving owner agreed that this amputation is the best chance for Murray to continue to live a great life. Keep in mind that Murray has not been using the leg and will not miss it. We believe it is in Murray's best interest to fund this specific amputation, and we hope you will agree.

murray the cat xray

Some decisions are harder to make than others. We are forever thankful that Murray has come this far after her pelvis was completely destroyed during that hit-and-run. She is truly lucky to be walking and living at all today. We are all lucky to have this brave and beautiful cat gracing the face of the earth with us. She will just have to do it with three paws instead of four. Any donation toward this needed surgery is greatly appreciated.

We truly appreciate your kindness and understanding at this difficult time.


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For The Love Of Alex Inc. provides emergency funding for life-saving veterinary care of low-income families.