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 Odin the one-eyed cat  Odin the one-eyed cat





Odin the stray cat is losing an eye, but gaining a family. After suffering a major trauma to his eye, he faces surgery to remove the devastated eye. But with your help, he has a real chance at survival.


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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Odin was a stray cat living in California. A local family tried to rescue him, but he always evaded them. That was until he encountered a traumatic injury to his eye. It’s unknown how the injury was received, but when Odin came up to the family they knew something major was wrong. Clearly, Odin chose this family because of the kindness he received in the past, and they could not turn the suffering cat away. This low-income family, with four small children, scraped together the money to get Odin seen by a veterinarian.

Thankfully Odin was not past the point of being saved. He needs enucleation surgery to remove his badly injured eye, before he succumbs to infection. Unfortunately, the eye cannot be saved. While only having one eye is not ideal, it is so much better than suffering a painful end. Odin and his new family need your help to get him the surgery, which will help him heal and avoid any life-threatening complications.

This once-stray cat now has a loving home, and with your help, a healthy future.

Please donate today to help Odin get the surgery he desperately needs.


Angel's on earth
July 10, 2019 12:00 AM

Heartfelt thanks from Odin's mom, quoted directly from her public GreatNonprofits review:

"Odin came to me out of necessity. He was a friendly stray/feral who showed up one day injured and we thought he had been attacked. I trapped him, and brought him in, kept him in quarantine in my bathroom (away from my other cats) until i could get him into a vet to assess his eye damage and get him neutered. After about a week of gentle cleaning a foxtail worked its way out of his eye. At his vet appointment, they determined he needed to have the eye removed, as it was in danger of rupturing. We are a low income family and a large vet bill was not something we could afford, so I looked for help. Google led me to For The love of Alex, and through their generosity, I now have a happy and healthy boy. They were literally a life saver for this sweet boy and helped me give him a good and normal life. This organization and all its donors are Angel's on earth."

THANK YOU, Angel-Donors, for giving Odin a chance at life.


Odin is cone-free!
June 14, 2019 12:00 AM

Odin had his stitches removed and is doing well. Thank you all for your support and donations. Without you, Odin would be in serious trouble.

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