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Odyssey the dog has been through quite the journey. From a breeding dog, to a needy rescue, this dog now has a loving owner, but needs help with a medical condition.


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Sunday, February 7, 2021
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Odyssey, the Pennsylvania dog needs a mass removed so she can regain her quality of life with her elderly owner. Odyssey lives up to her name. When her mom found her, she was in bad shape. A life as a breeding dog took its toll on Odyssey, but her mom saw past her sad exterior and the two bonded immediately. 

Odyssey’s mom spent years nursing her baby back to health to give her the life she deserves. Unfortunately, she could not have foreseen the need for this latest life-saving procedure. 

Odyssey has developed a rapid growing bump that must be removed. Her mom is struggling to make ends meet and save her baby’s life. Odyssey’s owner has tried everything to make Odyssey comfortable, but the bump has grown to the point that she cannot even bathe her without causing the bump to bleed. Without this life-changing surgery, Odyssey will continue to struggle with her quality of life. 

Odyssey’s Mom is disabled and on fixed income. Without Odyssey, she would be all alone. Odyssey is more than a companion to her Mom, she is her best friend. 

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Still on her journey
February 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Odyssey went back to the vet to get her staples removed and unfortunately had to get more staples instead. She is on antibiotics now and seems to be doing better. Her mom said, "She's doing good, taking her antibiotics now. They had to put 2 more staples back in for another 2 weeks.  But she's eating and taking her medication just fine.  Thank you for helping us.  I appreciate everything you've done for us so very much."

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