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Oliver the cat needs your help with a veterinary emergency. He developed a urinary blockage which exasperated a heart condition. All with a pregnant owner who could not afford the costs.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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A South Carolina family needs your help. Oliver the cat was just adopted from a rescue organization last year. His owners are a young couple with a baby on the way. They were shocked when Oliver suddenly became ill. He wasn't eating or acting like his usual loving, silly self. His owners took him to the vet and were shocked to discover that Oliver had a urinary blockage. On top of that, he needed an echocardiogram for a heart murmur. The terror of possibly losing their cat and the stress of this unexpected expense on top of a baby on the way was too much to take. A recent financial situation made it impossible for them to get credit. They were hopeless. 

At the suggestion of their veterinarian, the couple reached out to For The Love Of Alex. Working fast during a late evening, the couple was able to fill out an application and we worked to get it approved that night. 

Oliver was hospitalized and catheterized. With this being Oliver’s first blockage, we were hopeful that it could be corrected with an overnight stay and medication. The next morning we discovered that he also had a heart problem. The veterinarian suggested doing a PU surgery on Oliver to prevent future blockages, and the accompanying strain on his heart. But we weren’t convinced. We avoid PU surgery whenever possible because surgery can always lead to complications. The veterinarian agreed to hold off on surgery and give Oliver another overnight with the catheter to see if the blockage would resolve. She also ordered an echocardiogram, because we wanted to to get a true understanding of his heart condition. 

Later that night, Oliver, who I assume said something like, “It’s time to blow this popsicle stand” managed to rip out his catheter on his own. This is a dangerous move, but thankfully he didn’t cause any harm and the blockage had passed by then. This increased the veterinarian's confidence that the PU surgery was not needed and Oliver could be treated with a prescription diet to avoid future blockages. 

As for Oliver’s heart, we think it’s happy that he avoided surgery. His heart condition will need ongoing medication for his lifetime, but the good news is that he can live with this and grow to be an old cat one day. 

We, on behalf of Oliver’s loving family, are asking for your help to pay the thousands of dollars worth of life-saving and diagnostic veterinary care he received.

For The Love Of Alex is only able to help any animal thanks to donations from loving people like you. Your generous support, one donation at a time, adds up to save countless lives. YOU MAKE AN IMPACT. There is no large corporate sponsor or government funding for this important work. THERE IS ONLY YOU. Thank you for caring about Oliver and his family. Please donate today.


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