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Orphan, the dog who was thrown-away, has overcome so much. Now he needs your help to beat heartworms and live to love another day.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Orphan was a throw-away dog. This sweet American Pit Bull Terrier was literally thrown away by his previous owners and came crying to a house where he was able to find shelter and love. When he first found his new mom, he was almost hairless and had an open cut on his back that required treatment. His ears had been notched, which may be an indication of a sad history involving dog-fighting. His owner has proudly “fattened him up” and just used her only savings to have him neutered. Unfortunately, he tested heartworm positive and now needs treatment to eradicate the heartworms. 

We do not typically take heartworm cases because they are preventable and rarely get to the level where this type of treatment is needed. But, with Orphan’s unique history, it makes sense that this would sneak up on his adoptive mom. Orphan is lucky to be alive, and we couldn’t let him die of such a preventable problem. 

Orphan’s treatment involves multiple phases of heartworm treatment followed by blood work to see how the treatment is progressing. Each treatment costs about $250, including an overnight stay at the hospital. We’re hopeful that Orphan will have a clean bill of health in a few month’s time. 

Please donate toward Orphan's care today.

Orphan home
May 12, 2020 12:00 AM

Orphan is home after two nights in the hospital. How lovely that sentence is: "Orphan is home." Orphan has a home where he is loved and well-fed. We'll ind out soon if this last treatment eradicated the heart-worms.

Orphan on his way to his third treatment
May 6, 2020 12:00 AM

Orphan is going in for his third heartworm treatment today. He has to stay for two nights at the hospital and he is anxious and not happy about it. But, you can see he looks and feels a million times healthier than he did when we first met him. Our friend is really thriving! With any luck, the test results after this treatment will show that he is heartworm free, and he won't have to spend any long nights at the vet's office.

Please send Orphan and his mom your love and donate toward his care if you are able to.


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