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Ozzie suffers from a severe thyroid condition that requires monthly testing and medication. Please help this single mom and her little boy afford to keep him healthy and happy in their loving home.


New York
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Monday, March 4, 2019
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You have the power to help Ozzie, a friendly family cat, deal with a severe ongoing thyroid issue. He needs monthly bloodwork and medication for him to survive. To hear his mother talk about him, he is a comedic genius and kind caretaker.

We first met Ozzie last year, when we first reopened, after our founder's passing. Ozzie's mom was lost in despair. She is a single mom, also dealing with her son's thyroid problems. While she works hard to get her son to gain weight, she needs to make sure Ozzie doesn't gain too much weight. She dispenses medication, monitors diets, and takes them to doctors. Hundreds of dollars a month in Ozzie's testing, prescriptions, and special diet food was just not possible for her to take on, but she also had raised Ozzie from a kitten. Her son calls Ozzie his fur-brother, he is family. Euthanasia was not an option.

Thanks to your kindness and donations, we were able to help Ozzie through part of last year. Now we are renewing the agreement for approximately one year. Because there are so many animals in need, we have made Ozzie's mom aware that she needs to research other options for 2020. But, she is so thankful for all of you, who have helped to keep Ozzie going.

Thank you for keeping animals alive and in loving homes. Your kindness and donations are changing the world.


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