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Penny, the Pennsylvania dog, needs your help to save her eyesight after a slew of medical problems, and COVID-19 wiped out her owner’s savings. 


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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Penny, the Pennsylvania dog, is having a very difficult time. Like so many stories we are hearing lately, bad things just keep falling on pets and people who are at their wit’s end. Penny is a rescue pup who was taken in after Hurricane Harvey. Since then, she’s needed treatment for heartworms, which lead to the discovery of a bullet in her liver. She had been shot with a pellet gun at some point in her short life. Recently she suffered from a sinus infection that was causing jaw pain and required antibiotics. After facing all of those battles, Penny’s owner is out of money and out of job due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. 

Last week Penny was having some eye trouble and was taken to the vet again, where she was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer and received antibiotic eye drops. The ulcer seemed to be getting smaller, and then Penny had a major set back. Her eye started leaking bloody fluid and she was crying in pain. This happened on Memorial Day Monday, so she was rushed to an emergency vet since her usual vet was closed. Because of restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Penny was taken from her owner at the car and assessed alone with the veterinary staff. It is truly heartbreaking to hand over a crying pet in that situation and not be able to comfort them. 

At the emergency vet, they learned that Penny’s cornea had ruptured and she would need surgery to repair it and save her eyesight. Even after seeking the proper treatment and catching the ulcer early, Penny faces partial blindness without fast intervention. 

Penny’s owner is scheduling a consultation with a specializing ophthalmologist now. We will have a more exact estimate after that, but it was initially suggested that the surgery would cost around $4,000. 

With all of Penny’s medical concerns and her owner’s recent job loss, it’s just not possible for Penny’s family to afford the surgery. Please help in any way you can. Every dollar helps.


Penny sees you!
June 6, 2020 12:00 AM

Penny's surgery went well!

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