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Pie Pie the cat suffers from a severe case of hyperthyroidism. His mom is asking for your help to afford life-saving radioiodine therapy.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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If you met Pie Pie and his owner, you would love them. This New York cat’s owner says, “Pie is a loving kitty who I like to say is more human than anything. His eyes connect with you instantly!” You can imagine her heartache as she witnessed Pie Pie’s sudden decline in health. 

Pie Pie has been fighting hyperthyroidism for about a year. He’s been treated with medication, but the medication is not a long-term solution for him. On the medication, he’s been losing weight and suffers from nausea and diarrhea. Life-threatening dehydration has been a problem, with his mom nursing him back to health. As troubling as this all is, the good news is that there is another option. 

Pie Pie’s mom is asking for your help in raising the funds to get Pie Pie radioiodine therapy. The therapy consists of a Radioactive Iodine shot and a hospital stay. The iodine is absorbed quickly into the cat's bloodstream and the diseased thyroid tissue. Once in the thyroid, it destroys the overactive portions of the thyroid gland. After that Pie Pie’s thyroid problems will be gone. (I’m told he will not get superpowers from the radioactive iodine, but I’m still hopeful.) 

Pie Pie’s mom can’t afford the treatment because she is on permanent disability. Her own attempts at starting a GoFundMe failed. Today she reaches out to you. 

Pie Pie’s treatment can’t be scheduled until August, because the unique procedure is only offered in her city during certain times of the year. Please donate today so that Pie Pie and his owner don't have to wait for the next opportunity. 

The procedure can cost up to $2500. Every single donation helps and means the world to Pie Pie and his mom! Please donate today.

Pie Pie Update - Our Rare Unicorn
October 25, 2019 12:00 AM

Pie's mom is very worried and has moved up Pie Pie's vet follow-up. After the treatment for hypothyroidism, Pie Pie was expected to have an adjustment time with diarrhea and other side effects. But, his diarrhea has been excessively bad and almost lead to a trip to the hospital for dehydration a few days ago. To his mom's surprise, he then bounced right back and was playing the next night. We're hopeful that a short-term medicine solution might make all the difference, but if it doesn't go well, he might be part of a very rare number of cats who need additional treatment after the initial radioiodine therapy.

It actually suits Pie Pie to be so rare. After all, he is a male 3-color cat, which is incredibly rare, to begin with.  In a conversation with one of our followers, I started thinking of him as a unicorn, because he is so rare. And so beautiful and majestic.

We'll keep you updated on sweet Pie.

Thanks for caring!

Pie Pie on the road to recovery
August 27, 2019 12:00 AM

Pie Pie had his treatment on Friday and is going home today! All signs look good.


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