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Sweet Piper the cat has been battling on-going drainage issues from a malformation that causes painful abscesses under her right ear, sensitivity to noise and fevers. Her mom desperately needs your help to afford surgery.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2021
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Piper, the Ohio cat, needs help. Her mom reached out to us to find help with the cost of surgery to correct a malformation that is causing the cat pain daily. The veterinarian is confident that the surgery to remove her ear canal will be life-changing and give Piper a happy new life.

With your help, this sweet kitty so she can get back to playing fetch with her roommates and generally enjoying life. 

Unfortunately, funding has been incredibly low this year, and we cannot pre-pay to have the surgery done. Whatever you donate will go toward the $3,800 to $4,200 estimate for intricate surgery that Piper’s mom is scheduling. Due to preliminary tests and other factors, the surgery hasn’t been scheduled yet, so we have a little time to raise the funds. 

We will pay whatever we raise for Piper in the next two weeks directly to the veterinary office. If we are lucky enough to raise even more, those funds will go toward the still uncovered vet bills of several other cases we’ve had this year. 

Please donate today. Let’s get Piper to surgery!


Stay tuned for updates.
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