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Princess, the dog, needed expensive diagnostic testing to get a diagnosis of cancer. Now her family reaches out for help in covering the cost.


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Friday, August 30, 2019
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Princess, the Texas dog, is facing a severe health condition. During an emergency episode, we made a quick decision to pay for her visit to the hospital and diagnostic testing. Sadly, the news was not good. It’s cancer. A mass on her paw, previously believed to be benign, suddenly swelled and she ripped it open. It is cancer, and it has spread. Veterinarians have suggested amputating the paw to help her in the short term, but her chances of survival are incredibly small. The surgery would cause her unnecessary pain at the end of her life. The family is going to keep her happy and comfortable as long as they can and say goodbye when her quality of life is no longer positive. 

We try to take cases with positive outcomes because we want your donations to go to where they can make the most significant impact. Unfortunately, test results, in this case, did not go the way we wanted. We had hoped for a very treatable infection, but there is no beating this aggressive cancer with the currently available medical technology. 

Your well-wishes to the family are greatly appreciated, as they cope with this sad news and hard decision. 

Any donation toward the $1060 we spent on testing is much appreciated.


Stay tuned for updates.
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