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Pup Pup

Pup Pup and his disabled mom need your help to save this Louisiana dog’s life.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Pup Pup the Louisiana dog, is a true comfort to his owner. In November Pup Pup’s owner had a major stroke and has been unable to work. She is also still not approved for disability. In a difficult time for her, she now faces an emergency with Pup Pup. She simply cannot be without him. 

Pup Pup is only four and having a major heart event. It’s still unclear exactly what his diagnosis is, but he was near death when his mom borrowed some money for a deposit and got him admitted to the hospital. He was coughing, unable to catch his breath, and running a fever. We don’t know how much testing and treatment will be needed at this point, but we’re hopeful this young dog can be saved. 

Please put your money where your heart is and donate what you can to Pup Pup and his mom.


Set-Back for Pup Pup 💔
December 9, 2020 12:00 AM

I just don't know what to do about poor Pup Pup. I woke up to crying voicemails from his mom. He's been doing well since July and now has had another set-back of pancreatitis. His mom is following his dietary restrictions. They are living in temporary housing because their house burned down and they don't have any money for the vet.

We had to have a conversation this morning about what vets are the most trustworthy in her area. We decided that LSU School of Veterinary Medicine was the best choice. So, we're waiting for some news.

If you can help with this new bill, please donate today.

Another Set-back
July 13, 2020 12:00 AM

When Pup Pup was initially sent home from the hospital, we knew he might have some setbacks from pancreatitis. His mom has been feeding him the prescription food and monitoring him, but with their house burning down, I honestly don't know if the stress of the situation is affecting Pup Pup. He's in a new place. His parents are understandably upset. The entire ordeal seems to be taking a toll on everyone.

He hasn't been eating. He is in obvious stomach pain. Right now he's spending the night in the hospital for monitoring and fluids. He'll also get some tests done, just to be sure what the level fo the setback is.

Any donation is a big help. This will cost over $1,000. Thank you.

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