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Pup Pup and his disabled mom need your help to save this Louisiana dog’s life.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Pup Pup the Louisiana dog, is a true comfort to his owner. In November Pup Pup’s owner had a major stroke and has been unable to work. She is also still not approved for disability. In a difficult time for her, she now faces an emergency with Pup Pup. She simply cannot be without him. 

Pup Pup is only four and having a major heart event. It’s still unclear exactly what his diagnosis is, but he was near death when his mom borrowed some money for a deposit and got him admitted to the hospital. He was coughing, unable to catch his breath, and running a fever. We don’t know how much testing and treatment will be needed at this point, but we’re hopeful this young dog can be saved. 

Please put your money where your heart is and donate what you can to Pup Pup and his mom.

Pup Pup in need
June 23, 2020 12:00 AM

Pup Pup's family has been through so much. His mom suffered a stroke last year, and Pup Pup has been an enormous support for her. Then, just a few weeks ago, their house burned down. The family has been working hard, salvaging items from the home and cleaning up what they can before the house is rebuilt. Suddenly, Pup Pup was shaking and not eating. He was so poorly that at 3:30 AM, Pup Pup's mom was calling us and begging for help. She thought he was going to die. It seemed possible that he may be having a recurrence of deadly pancreatitis.

At the vet, Pup Pup received extensive testing. Thankfully, it was not pancreatitis. Pup Pup was suffering from an acute stomach bug, that was possibly exacerbated by the fact that Pup Pup hasn't fully regained his youthful resilience since his major illness in March. He was prescribed medication and seems to be doing better. More importantly, we can be secure in the knowledge that we are vigilantly watching Pup Pup and protecting him from reoccurrence.

Altogether, the testing and treatment cost over $600. Please help Pup Pup's family with a donation today.

setback for Pup Pup
June 19, 2020 12:00 AM

Our friend, Pup Pup, is having a set-back. He's been doing well since getting stabilized and following a prescription diet, but suddenly he isn't acting like himself. He's been throwing up and shaking and he is going to the vet today. We have no idea how much this will cost. Please donate if you can.


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