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Pup Pup and his disabled mom need your help to save this Louisiana dog’s life.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Pup Pup the Louisiana dog, is a true comfort to his owner. In November Pup Pup’s owner had a major stroke and has been unable to work. She is also still not approved for disability. In a difficult time for her, she now faces an emergency with Pup Pup. She simply cannot be without him. 

Pup Pup is only four and having a major heart event. It’s still unclear exactly what his diagnosis is, but he was near death when his mom borrowed some money for a deposit and got him admitted to the hospital. He was coughing, unable to catch his breath, and running a fever. We don’t know how much testing and treatment will be needed at this point, but we’re hopeful this young dog can be saved. 

Please put your money where your heart is and donate what you can to Pup Pup and his mom.

Home Sweet Home
March 26, 2020 12:00 AM

Pup Pup is home! After hie entire ordeal it turns out that what he was suffering from was a severe case of Pancreatitis. It's unclear if this is an acute case or if he will have recurrent episodes. But, the veterinarian didn't see any red flags to indicate that this will happen again. He has no sign of diabetes and his adrenal function and electrolytes look good. They are recommending a low-fat diet and they think he will be fine. He is not 100% yet, but he is home and playing with his favorite toy.

His mom says,

"Thank you more than I and Pup Pup can ever say in ten lifetimes! He is oh so happy to be home, and to feel like playing! There is no, no way I could have afforded any one of the three veterinarians (three!) that it took to save his life (and mine!)... It took a major university animal hospital with all possible equipment and staff to diagnose pancreatitis - I had never even heard of a dog having pancreatitis! Nor had I ever heard of a canine cardiologist either though.
For The Love of Alex is absolutely the most wonderful organization ever!"

What a whirlwind this has been! This poor dog was said to have a heart condition, Addition's Disease, and a possible obstruction, only to end up with the diagnosis of pancreatitis. This case has really had mot head spinning, but it's important to note that this runaround isn't entirely uncommon. As pet owners we have to advocate for our pets and sometimes that means getting second opinions and paying for more tests. A family that starts off with very little money and spends what they have on the first visit is left desperate if no answers are found. It's heartbreaking. But not today! Today your kind heart and donations saved Pup Pup's life!

Thank you!

Pup Pup is in desperate need
March 22, 2020 12:00 AM

The story with Pup Pup has been so bizarre.

First, he was having trouble breathing and it seemed like a heart issue. He was at a clinic and referred to a cardiologist.

The cardiologist was an hour away during a time when all nonessential businesses are closed. At the specializing hospital, they said he likely has Addison's disease, took him off heart medication and referred him for more tests.

Today Pup Pup’s mom said he is getting worse and took him to a University Hospital. They believe he has a blockage and may need surgery starting at $3,500. They are doing X-rays and other tests now to give the official diagnosis and treatment plan.

If it is a blockage and two other hospitals missed it, that's really scary. Right now in Louisiana, they are facing various degrees of lockdown. Pup Pup’s owner is having car trouble and with public transportation closed, has had to rely on friends for transportation. She recently had a stroke and is in the high risk group for Covid-19, so she would really rather not be chasing veterinarians right now. It's an incredibly stressful situation. We help pets across the country, but never before during a pandemic and I’ve never seen such strange behavior by veterinarians than I'm witnessing with Pup Pup’s case.

I know times are tough all over. I send my love to all of our followers. If you are financially able to give at this time, please donate to Pup Pup. These are desperate times and we know not all of our Angels can give. If you are one that can give, please know that your donation will mean even more than usual.

Thank you for caring.


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