Rocky the dog


Rocky the dog and his family need your support. After losing a battle with aggressive cancer, Rocky is in his final days. Please help his family cover final medical costs to ease some of their hardship.

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Active Date
Thursday, May 9, 2019
Urgent Case
Cat or Dog


Rocky has a terribly aggressive cancer. It was decided that it was best not to operate on him at the onset, and his family has been keeping him comfortable and happy in his final months. His mom has been speaking to us and keeping us informed on how he's doing. He is so kind and gentle that his best friend is his sweet 4-year-old human sister. How can you not root for an animal who brings so much kindness and joy? Today it seems, he has taken a down-hill turn. His human mom will make the right choice for him and be with him in his final moments. His family, and especially his human sister, will have a hard time struggling with this loss, but they will overcome with love in their hearts and your support.

We've spent so much time on the phone with his mom, that it feels like Rocky is our own. If possible, and with your help and generosity, we would like to cover his remaining palliative care and final costs including returning his ashes to the family. If you can make a small donation to help offer comfort during this incredibly hard time, we would be forever grateful.

Please donate today to help ease breaking hearts.

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