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Rue the cat, became violently ill after a change in his diet lead to urinary crystals and bladder stones.


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Friday, April 3, 2020
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Rue, the Missouri cat, suffers from what his mom describes as an orange-sized stone in his abdomen. Rue’s story starts at the tail-end of a series of unfortunate events. His owner, a disabled single mother, changed pet food to something that was on sale and was marketed as the same quality of her previous pet food. (Friendly reminder to always check with a vet you trust before changing food.) Not long after the change, one of her cats got seriously ill. 

Rue’s brother, Strikes, suffered urinary crystals and stones and needed help from the vet to clear the problem and eventually be able to urinate on his own. Just as Strikes was ready to come home from the vet with new prescription pet food, Rue started showing symptoms of bladder stones. As Rue’s mom was scraping to come up with the money to pay for Strike’s treatment, she now has another much larger bill to face. 

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May 10, 2020 12:00 AM

Rue and his brother Strikes are doing well at home today. Their mom says:

In these uncertain times with the Covid-19 shutting down the nation For The Love Of Alex Inc. has gone above and beyond. Two of our furbabies began experiencing stones and crystals in their bladders and urinary tracts and we had to rush them both to the vet! Being a single mother on disability is hard but and I found it impossible to to be able to afford this emergency Vet bill. I reached out to The Love Of Alex Inc. fully expecting to be turned away due to the the nation experiencing this pandemic. Much to my surprise The Love Of Alex Inc. soared into action! They are super caring and kind! They answered our prayers! Without them I honestly don't know what we could have done. The Love Of Alex Inc. is a true blessing!

- Rue's mom

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