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Sally, the Minnesota kitten, needs some help to overcome a serious fracture that is robbing her of her spunk.


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Thursday, October 8, 2020
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Sally is a Minnesota kitten, just trying to live a full life. Her owner came home from work to find her limping and rushed her to the veterinarian. There were no signs of anything strange going on in the house, so the veterinarian believed she was having some developmental difficulties, and then a simple jump resulted in a fracture. 

She was adopted just a few months ago. She was just getting settled into her new home with a loving owner. This responsible pet-owner followed all the new pet-owner steps perfectly. She adopted Sally from a reputable shelter, budgeted and scheduled her neutering, and made sure she had enough budgeted on a low-income to keep her fed with quality food. Everything was going well until injury struck. 

Thankfully the problem is treatable. Sally needs surgery for a capital physeal fracture/proximal femoral fracture on her rear right leg so that she can return to being a spunky cat. 

Please donate toward her surgery if you can.


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