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Please help this North Carolina kitty overcome a debilitating head-tilt. Sheba and her mom need you.

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Sunday, October 27, 2019
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Cat or Dog


Sheba is a five-year-old cat from North Carolina. She was in foster care looking for her forever home when she suffered a fall. At first, it was believed that Sheba would overcome the injury from a fall with tender love and care, but fate had other ideas.

She was adopted by a loving mother who lives on Social Security and was disheartened to learn that Sheba needed $4000 surgery. Without surgery, Sheba would have an ongoing head tilt for the rest of her life. She needs surgery so that she can live her life to the fullest.

We are looking for your help to please help this poor kitten and her mother overcome this injury. With surgery to correct the head tilt, she will live a happy and normal life. You have the power to not just make someone’s day but literally make their life. Every dollar helps.

Thanks for caring.

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