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Simba the cat needs expensive surgery to fix a broken paw. A terrible accident during an incredibly difficult year has left Simba’s owner begging for your help.


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Thursday, November 7, 2019
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Simba is a well-loved cat from Massachusetts who was rescued as a stray and has been warming his mom’s heart ever since. This rescue cat reminds us of Alex, with his sweet face and soul-searching eyes. It’s been a hard year for Simba’s family. Simba’s owner is disabled and has been a full-time caretaker to her ailing father. A host of medical conditions had her father bedridden. Simba would often snuggle up with him to keep him company. 

Sadly, a few months ago, her father passed away. In the midst of coping with her loss and figuring out how she was going to stay in the home they shared, a new emergency struck. Simba, a full-time in-door cat, managed to sneak out. His owner was crushed. She searched for him frantically for 3 days. Finally, Simba decided he was ready to come home and limped his way there. 

Somewhere on his adventure, Simba suffered a broken paw. His owner took him to the vet where he received X-rays, which showed the major damage. Simba would need surgery to save his paw. His owner’s incredibly fixed income made the decision a hard one. The initial estimate was more than she earns in a year. So, she did something no one should ever have to do in a crisis. She shopped around. Thankfully, she was able to find another area hospital that would do the surgery at half the cost. 

She ended up having to pay over $1,000 at the time of the procedure, and the office put her on a payment plan for the rest. (It should be noted that most veterinary practices do not even offer this, so the offer alone was a miracle.) She had no idea how she would come up with more than $2,000 to pay them back, but Simba needed the surgery. 

Now, she is asking for your help. Our mission is to save pets from emergency situations, so we usually do not fund veterinary balances for care that occurred before we’ve had a chance to meet an animal. But, two major things had this case stand out, and we knew you would want to help. One was the immense financial burden for this disabled woman. We reviewed her tax returns, and we are certain that paying this bill would have broken her. The $1,000 she already paid has her on the edge. There is no way she can come up with the rest. 

The second reason is that Simba looks so much like Alex. We feel like our founder is whispering in our ears. “Save my Alex.” And so, we are asking you to please make an impact on this family with your donation. 


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