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Sterling and his owner need your help in paying for urgent and expensive diagnostic care. Please help this single mom save her kitten.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Sterling the Pennsylvania cat, is living a life in limbo. Sweet Sterling may not make it to his first birthday. He started exhibiting some facial swelling and initially he was prescribed antibiotics for a tooth root abscess. After that treatment failed, Sterling went back for a check-up and was immediately referred to a specialist. The first thing Sterling needs is a CT scan to help with diagnosis. It’s urgent, necessary, and expensive. 

Sterling’s owner is a single mother with a special-needs child, and the cost for this diagnostic care is beyond her means. Thank goodness for amazing people like you. We’re asking you to please donate whatever you can for Sterling. We are currently pricing CT scans in the area, after getting an initial high estimate of $3,000. We hope to get this done for closer to $1,500. 

Please help Sterling with a donation today.


Sterling's Silver Lining
April 15, 2020 12:00 AM

Sterling, the cat, and his mom came to ask for your help when Sterling's health suddenly began to fail. This young kitten from Pennsylvania was experiencing teeth and eye pain stemming from a growth in his mouth. As a single mother with a special needs child, Sterling's owner couldn't afford the expensive diagnostic testing to determine the best course of treatment.

Because of your generous donations, Sterling was able to receive testing, including a biopsy and CT scan. It was a huge relief to know answers were coming. Sadly the results were not good.

Sterling has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Everyone knew this was possible, but we were hopeful that the diagnosis would be something Sterling could fight.

Even with this heartbreaking news, there is a silver lining. Sterling is now receiving palliative care, which is only possible because of his clear diagnosis. Every remaining day with Sterling is a gift, and he is being spoiled with love and affection. For as long as Sterling continues to do well, eat, and play, his family will continue to nurse him.

When Sterling tells his owner, in his special way, that he is ready to cross the rainbow bridge, his owners will not let him suffer. He will leave this world surrounded by love. The love of his owner, his human sister, and all of you.

Thank you for caring about Sterling and his family. We wish we could have come back to you with better news. But sometimes just having the diagnosis is what the family needs to move forward. You have truly helped this family at this difficult time.

We are thankful for small favors, silver linings, and every moment with those who we love. Please send your love to Sterling and his family.

Hugs and hope to you.

Sterling Update 🐱
April 3, 2020 12:00 AM

After a long day of testing, Sterling is home. He's seen better days, but his mom is grateful that he will soon have a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. She said, "He's managed to get his cone off twice already but seems good, just a tad off-balance. Thanks for everything today. I'm beyond grateful that we have started to get some answers."

We added up all of the donations through our website and different Facebook posts and are still $1,295.68 short.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO RAISE $1,295.68 more! Every dollar helps!

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