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Tiny Tim is fighting for his life after his new family discovered extreme complications to a birth defect. Please give this abandoned kitty more time with his loving family.


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Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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Tiny Tim, or Timothy as his family calls him, is a little cat with a big problem. A month ago Timothy’s dreams came true when he was adopted by a loving family. A ten-year-old girl had been begging for a cat for years, and her mom finally decided to take her to the shelter to pick one out. The girl immediately bonded with this kitten and Timothy followed her around as her mom tried to talk her into an older cat. But there was no helping it, you can’t deny true love. So, the family brought Timothy home. 

Timothy’s new family doesn't have a lot of money, but they had budgeted for the usual cat expenses: Litter, food, vet visits, and more. But, after about a month of living the good life, Tiny Time became extremely ill. He was born with a pocket in his urethra. This pocket was filling up with urine, causing his bowels to become impacted. He was also suffering from painful swelling in his legs and abdomen when urine got into his soft tissue. The pressure caused a urethral tear.

Timothy has been in the hospital for almost a week. A series of enemas, catheterization, and IV fluids have saved his life. But the battle continues. Diagnostic testing scheduled this week will indicate if he needs surgery to repair the urethral tear. Tiny Tim’s family has already racked up thousands of dollars in care credit debt and don’t have any more money or credit for the remaining hospital stay, testing, or the possible surgery. 

Through it all, Timothy has kept his personality and desire to play. His owner doesn’t believe in keeping animals alive and in pain, if they want to pass on. But, Timothy clearly wants to survive and go on to live an amazing life. 

Please donate today to keep Tiny Tim alive.


Tiny Tim Love Story
February 13, 2020 12:00 AM

Tiny Tim has the sweetest personality.

Tim's owner's 10-year-old daughter begged for a cat for years.

As a gift, her mom finally took her to the shelter to pick out a cat.

Tiny Tim quickly fit in at home and became best friends with the child.

Suddenly his health declined.

It turned out that he had a life-threatening birth defect.

Even after maxing out a care credit, Tiny Tim's owner couldn't cover the expensive surgery.

Donors like you saved Tiny Tim's life.

Today, Tim isn't so tiny anymore. His hair is fuller, and his belly is full of food, not bloat.

Thank you for making this happy ending possible.

Tiny Tim is home!
October 9, 2019 12:00 AM

Tiny Tim is home! It was a hard decisions to make, but veterinarians and the consulting surgeon, decided that the potential risks of surgery outweighed the potential benefits. 

Timothy had gone a full 24 hours without a catheter and had not had any issues. Now Timothy is home and recuperating. He does need to be monitored closely and if he has another set-back, the need for surgery will be undeniable. 

Thank you for caring.

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