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A story of hope and help that didn’t go the way we wanted it to. But did give a loving cat a chance at life and a mom the comfort of knowing she did everything she could.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
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Be warned. This is a sad story. We met Zeus late last week. His owner was desperate to help him overcome urinary issues. She had spent all of her savings and care credit trying to save Zeus, but he eventually reached the point where his only chance at survival was surgery. Zeus’s life was on the line, and there was no time to fundraise before acting, so we agreed to pay for the surgery. 

On Friday, he had surgery. Saturday evening, he went home and seemed fine. But, overnight and especially in the early morning of Sunday, he showed violent signs of complications. He couldn’t urinate. He was incredibly ill. He would not drink. Zeus’s mom tried to contact the surgeon who performed the surgery, but they were out of the office. She called us in tears, asking if we would fund her rushing Zeus to the emergency vet. 

We agreed, and our next call was shocking. As with all surgeries, complications can occur, and Zeus’s issue with crystals and stones was one of the worst the veterinarian had ever seen. After surgery, Zeus began collecting urine in his stomach, and he was suffering from kidney failure and other significant symptoms. As Zeus was facing euthanasia at the emergency vet, his original surgeon called Zeus’ mom and asked her to bring him back to his practice. He did everything he could, but in the end, humane euthanasia was the only option. 

The best stories have happy endings, but hope is messy. Zeus’ story is heartbreaking, but it would have been worse if Zeus’ mom didn’t have the option to give Zeus a chance. What if she couldn’t come up with the money for the surgery and held the guilt of letting a pet die because of money? How painful would that be? Instead, you gave her the power to try to get her pet help and know that she did everything she could. 

Your donations allow us to pass hope onto people like Zeus’ mom and pay the substantial debt created by Zeus’s surgery, emergency care, and final expenses. 


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