Benefits Of Owning A Pet For The Elderly 

April 12, 2021
Benefits Of Owning A Pet For The Elderly 

Pets are very competent in giving us companionship. From the little ones to the senior ones, pets offer joy and manage loneliness and depression and other benefits of owning a pet.  

The elderly may not engage in their once loved social engagements. Mobility limitations, low energy, losing their friends, and social isolation can lead to loneliness and depression for the seniors. 

Interaction with animals is a proven way for the elderly to combat these blues. Pets will offer undying love to the elderly. 

5 Emotional Benefits Of Owning A Pet For The Elderly 

Emotional And Social Benefits

1. More interactions

Taking a dog for a stroll will give the elderly an opportunity to socialize with the neighbors. A day in the park with your dog will have you striking conversations with other people. Maybe even other seniors in your locality.

cat being petted

2. Stress Relief

An older adult thinking about their cat or dog makes them feel good.Having a pet will increase the levels of serotonin, the hormone that relieves stress. The elderly may be prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Owning a pet reduces the stress and anxiety that result from these brain disorders. 

woman with cat

3. Giving A Sense Of Purpose

Pets tend to require constant care: grooming, cleaning, and feeding.They depend on us for everything. The elderly will have an obligation to something other than themselves, which gives meaning to their lives.

Having the responsibility of petting their animals, seniors have to stick to routines and structure for their pet's sake. This, in turn, quashes off feelings of worthlessness and helplessness, providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their daily living. 

woman with dog

4. Less Loneliness

Many seniors report experiencing loneliness regularly. A dog or cat in a home brings brightness into a lonely day. Pets, unlike humans, can be there for the elderly in a way humans can't. For instance, cats will never mind comfortable silences. Animals give the elderly a source of unconditional love and conversation. Plus, they happen to be excellent secret keepers. 

cat kiss

5. Feeling Safe

Going out at night can be scary, especially if one is alone. The elderly have a hard time at night because they feel defenseless. Some dog breeds are huge and scary to intruders and can provide security in seniors’ homes. They can have a good sleep with nothing to worry about.

Walking with a dog by their side can make the elderly feel protected and safe. They can have great quiet evening strides and peaceful nights by the park. 

1. Physical Benefit

man walking 2 dogs

More Activity Level

Dogs constantly need walks. This leads to a quid pro quo, especially to the elderly. Walking or playing with your pet increases the regularity of physical and exercise activity.

It even gets more interesting because having a companion to do the walks with is more enjoyable and fun. Additionally, outdoor activities with your pet have huge benefits, such as exposure to vitamin D and weight management for the elderly.

The Bottom Line 

Interactions with animals can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The elderly are likely to experience fewer cardiovascular diseases. Seniors who own a pet experience smaller variations in heart rate than non-pet owners. 

Medical studies suggest that pets boost their owners' immune systems. How? Dogs frequently bring new bacteria into our homes. Exposure to such bacteria jump-starts our immune system and provides an adequate response. The elderly, who are vulnerable to major or minor ailments, can benefit from this somewhat quirky experience.

The benefits of owning a pet for the elderly are undeniable. However, choosing the pet and breed should be a major priority before getting that pet.Our furry friends need constant care and additional responsibilities. But, the emotional benefits of owning a pet for the elderly do outweigh any drawbacks.


This post was written by a friend of FTLOA: 


Hey, I’m Amy and I’m in love with my Pets! I have a diverse variety, including 2 cats, 1 dog, 3rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, a rat, and a beautiful macaw. I love writing about everything pet-related and spend as much time as I can sharing my personal experiences on my blog.

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