Because You Cared - Celebrating 7 Years at FTLOA

May 20, 2020
Because You Cared - Celebrating 7 Years at FTLOA

Wow! Seven years! Things have been so hectic at For The Love Of Alex (FTLOA) and everywhere else, that we missed our own anniversary. On May 6, 2013, FTLOA became an official 501(3)c. I'm sure our founder, Elizabeth, never expected the pandemic that we are in right now on the day she filed the paperwork.

It's amazing to think that if it weren't for Elizabeth and her empathetic reaction to her own cat's veterinary need, that FTLOA wouldn't exist. We work hard every day to keep that empathy in our hearts. It helps to still have Alex here to offer us support and daily reminders of why we exist. But it's your ongoing empathy and generous heart, that keeps us going.

The true treasure of FTLOA is YOU, the army of Angel-Donors who keep coming back to support pets who need you. I know it can be hard to keep your empathy and hope for these animals up when there is so much trouble in the world. We appreciate you every single day, and it means the world to us that you are still showing up for Alex and these pets.

Hundreds of cats and dogs have been helped in the past 7 years. Animals who didn't have a chance without people who cared and thousands of small donations that all added up to make miracles happen. Pets who are only walking today because you cared. Pets who avoided needless euthanasia because you cared. Pets who got to go home to their loving families to recuperate because you cared.

You are the miracle. Don't for a second forget that you are saving lives. I know it seems like you have to have some big chunk of money to make a difference. Don't get me wrong, the few donations of over $1,000 that we get in a year, do make a huge difference, but it takes dozens of small donations to fund an average case. Many people coming together and donating between $5 and $50 is the true measure of this organization. People who don't have a lot, but give what they can, when they can. Thank you.

Honestly, we wish this anniversary came at a better time. This year was full of hope and big plans to increase our ability to help, but we had to hit the breaks with the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish we could help more pets, especially now when so many are in financial trouble. FTLOA, like everyone else, is just doing the best we can. We're holding on tight to people who care and we are doing our best to stretch donations to help as many pets and people as we can.

Better days are going to come. Better news, better numbers, and it will all be with you. The people who continued to care. Maybe that caring doesn't lead to a donation today, because you have to take care of yourself and your family, and maybe you don't have a donation to give. We understand. Please keep caring and spreading the word. We will get to better, together.

Happy Anniversary, Angels.

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