8 Ways to Help Animals Without Making a Donation

April 5, 2019
8 Ways to Help Animals Without Making a Donation

At For the the Love of Alex we are able to help animals by ensuring that pets get emergency veterinary care because of donations from people like you. Please make a donation, if you can. But there are also several other ways to help animals at For the Love of Alex.

Tell your friends help animals two cats for the love fo Alex

Tell Your Friends

Share social media posts and tag friends, but also tell a friend in real life. Not everyone is on facebook or checks it often. Start a conversation. Ask a friend, “Do you want to help animals?”

tell your boss what cat for the love of Alex

Tell Your Boss

Please invite your employer to support For the Love of Alex with a jeans day fundraiser or corporate gift. Even the “big cats” like to help animals. This 501c3 might be just what they are looking for.

Amazon Smile for the love of Alex

Shop on Amazon Smile

For the Love of Alex is now part of Amazon Smile. If you are going shop on Amazon anyway, please go to Amazon Smile first!

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Follow Us

Facebook: For the Love of Alex Inc

Twitter: @ForTheLoveAlex

Instagram: @For_the_Love_of_Alex_inc

LinkedIn: For the Love of Alex Inc

walk for a dog help animals

Walk Your Dog

With the Walk For a Dog app, you can help raise money just by walking!

Thank you all for your support. We look forward to saving more pets with you in the near future.

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Join Our Mailing List

The next time you run to check your email, look forward to getting something featuring Alex the cat! Stay up-to-date on our current cases, and learn about new opportunities to help. Sign up here.

see first for the love of Alex help animals

Make Sure You Are Getting Updates

If you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us, that’s great, but make sure to click “See First” and “Get Notifications.”

great nonprofits help animals write a review

Write a Positive Review

Visit GreatNonprofits and leave a review about the important work we do. If we’ve helped your pet, please include a photo of your pet to make it more impactful.

And as always, if you can afford to make a donation, please do!

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