Alex's August Update

August 31, 2020
Alex's August Update

Hello Angels,

I hope you had some time to check out our big birthday celebration last month. I used a lot of my own purr-suasion to get some pretty cool guests to come. You can see the videos here.

The party helped us continue to get the word out about our new, I Want To Save A Life campaign. Please help us by continuing to share the public service announcement, telling friends, and helping us meet new animal lovers. Together we can save more lives!

Lives like those of Chesney, Princess, Orphan, and Cream, who we met last month: 

Chesney the Dog

This three-legged dog from Virginia needs help to overcome a cancer-diagnosis and keep giving love to his disabled mom. Read more.

Princess the Cat

Princess the cat has a pee problem. Help her get the testing and treatment she needs to overcome a UTI complicated by kidney disease. Read more.

Orphan the Dog

Orphan, the dog who was thrown-away, has overcome so much. Next month he will need another treatment for heartworms. Read more.

Cream the Cat

Cream, the cat, is recovering from a threatening urinary blockage. Read more.

Crickett the Angel Cat

This sweet cat brought healing and hope to a broken-hearted cat mom. Read more.

There is no For The Love Of Alex without YOU. Thank you for sticking with us, helping us spread the word, and saving lives.

Please give your pets a head scratch from us. 

Hugs and hope to you,
Alex and friends 

P.S. If you are someone who can afford to make a donation right now, please donate today. 

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