An Angel Named Crickett

July 29, 2020
An Angel Named Crickett

When a pet passes away, it is a terrible loss that can never be replaced. But, sometimes, I like to believe the pet sends a friend to help their humans through the loss. Recently, Zeus was lost to his owner. While coping with this terrible loss, Zeus' owner discovered a stray cat. The kitten was underweight and not moving, but Zeus' mom took her in and was able to get the inexpensive vet care she needed to thrive. As her health increased, Crickett started chirping, and that's where her mom got the name, Crickett.

Zeus' mom didn't intend to get another cat so soon, but Zeus had other ideas. He sent Crickett to his mom, and now we can all celebrate Zeus and Crickett.

I hope this story warmed your heart like it has mine ❤️

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