Are you the Ultimate Life-Saver?

December 3, 2020
Are you the Ultimate Life-Saver?

Do you hear that? It's a whistle calling you to make a difference during this last month of 2020. It's been a difficult year for so many, and For The Love Of Alex is struggling to keep our doors open. As a loyal follower and donor, I know you want to help. So, let's have some fun with a friendly competition.

How to participate:

1. REACH OUT: Email us at

2. LET US DO THE HARD WORK: We'll create a fundraiser for you and the pet of your choosing.

3. SMILE: Send us a photo of you and your pet BFF for your profile.

4. SHARE: You share the fundraiser and ask friends, family, and coworkers to donate.

5. LOOK GOOD: We'll keep track on a leaderboard, and you just might win the title of Ultimate Life-Saver!

6. SAVE CHRISTMAS! Okay, well, actually get us set up to keep going in 2020 with saving the lives of pets from low-income families who need emergency veterinary care.

If this is all a little too much for you, you can donate toward our main fundraiser here.

Tips To Raise Money

After you get your very own personalized fundraising page, this is how you can make it a success.

TELL A FRIEND: Simply talk to your friends about For The Love Of Alex and then collect donations through your fundraising page.

SHARE IT: Share your fundraising page on all of your social media channels. Add it to your Instagram profile as the link!

TEXT IT: Send your friends a direct text message with a link to your fundraiser. Don't just send the link. Make sure to tell them why you hope they will donate and help you share!

EMAIL IT: Send an email to all of your contacts asking for support. Please write a few sentences about why you hope they will donate and include the link!

THINK OUTSIDE THE INTERNET: If you work in a public place, consider starting a coin jar to collect donations. Or you could sell crafts, baked goods, or other small gifts to help raise those donations. Whenever possible, please try to collect donations directly through the fundraising page so that we can send thank you's to your donors.

Meet the Contenders!

We'll be listing fundraisers right here as they come in.

Miracle was saved by Alex's donor angels after showing up on a doorstep with extensive injuries. Without expensive veterinary care Miracle would not have made it.

Help Miracle, Angel, and Baldi here.

Finnian's mom spent hundreds of dollars on vet care, but Finn's health was still failing. Donations got him to see a specialist who was able to diagnose a rare fungal infection. Without For The Love Of Alex, Finnian would have been lost.

Help Finnian and Lisa here.

Harriet's mom, Sara is a huge animal-lover. In addition to taking care of her own rescue pups and kitties, Sara volunteers at a local shelter. She just has to be careful not to bring anyone else home!

Help Harriet and Sara here.

Thanks to Alex's Angel-Donors, Asia received life-changing surgery!

Help Asia and her mom win the contest here.

Corrina Ann Photography is an avid supporter of For The Love Of Alex. Please help this awesome business and Maddox gain the title of "The Ultimate Fundraiser!" Check out Corrina's work here. Donate the their campaign here.

Kelsey and Lily are raising money on behalf of their small business, Yard Doody Berks. Check them out for all of your poop-scooping needs in Berks County, PA! Support their campaign here.

Champ is a beloved family dog. Please help him and his mom gain the title of The Ultimate Live-Saver here!

Sassy and her mom are already life-savers in her own right. They truly saved each other's lives. Read their story and donate to their campaign here.

Janet, Owner of Soyful Aromas, is participating in honor of her beloved pup, Lynk. Lynk sadly passed away in September, but his energy is being kept alive with Janet and your support! Learn more about Soyful Aromas here. Donate to their fundraiser here.



  1. Soyful Aromas with $130
  2. Finnian with $90 (including Facebook donations)
  3. Miracle with $60
  4. Champ
  5. Yard Doody Berks
  6. Tux and Tyler
  7. Harriet
  8. Asia
  9. Corrina Ann Photography
  10. Sassy
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