Change a Pet's Life Day

January 24, 2020
Change a Pet's Life Day

January 24th is Change a pet's life day! We love this holiday because saving pets is our mission. There are so many ways to change a pet's life.

Save A Pet Who Has A Family

For The Love Of Alex fills a need just outside of shelters. When a dog or cat faces a serious illness, the veterinary costs can get out of hand quickly. Low-income families face the tough decision of euthanizing their pet or surrendering their pet to a shelter, where sick animals have a harder time getting adopted. The donors at For The Love Of Alex step in to pay for the life-saving veterinary care. This way, pets stay in loving homes where they are more likely to thrive during treatment.

We believe that responsible pet owners shouldn't have to say goodbye to a pet they love, because of a large and unexpected veterinary bill. You can meet the pets we are currently helping here. Every dollar helps! 

Adopt A Dog Or Cat

We strongly encourage anyone to adopt a dog through a shelter or rescue organization. Alex was adopted from the local SPCA, and he has gone on to change so many lives! You might be surprised how many truly remarkable animals are just sitting in shelters waiting for loving humans like you. Take some time today or this weekend to check out your local shelter.

Do Something To Make Your Pet's Life Better

Take some time today to think about all the joy your pet brings to your life and decide how you can make their life better. Maybe it's getting more exercise or changing to higher-quality food. Then again, maybe just a few extra belly rubs will do the trick!

Photos provided by real animal lovers. Read their stories here and here.

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